😨 Implications of the AETHER 🌕

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23 thoughts on “😨 Implications of the AETHER 🌕

  1. Jesus christ is the creator of heaven and earth . He is the one you will answer to when you die . No reincarnation, man dies once then the judgment. Smart but missing the bigger 📸..

  2. You are a gift to the many whom seek your knowledge, I have alot of respect for you and your videos, you are a very courageous man, I'm from New Zealand, and long for the intelligent videos and conversation, I think you could sell alot of those hemp robes, 😀

  3. Be careful.. saw your post today about your magnesium book. I have a bigger theory about the pole shift and the rapture (weightlessness). Typically when the government gets involved they are trying to shut you up. Be safe! Peace and Love

  4. Ken, with regards to the unibrow man who talks to the mirror, I stand by you there and understand what you're saying. But, consider that Mr Unibrow wouldn't judge people in the same way as you or I evidently do. His positive aurora likely extends to everyone around him. Thus, he attracts more of the same. If that makes any sense at all… it certainly did in my head.

  5. I just watched a vid from another channel that did a run down on Nathan Oakley and you having a debate, if you wish to call it that which ties in with this video..I do wonder if Oakley has any friends or even anyone that would choose to be around him..talk about NEGATIVE energy, Oakley has it by the gallons..Seems Oakley only wants to yell, scream, insult, and tried to pull you into an argument not a debate to make points with his subs and claim victory and you wisely didn't fall for his nonsense..good for you..
    BTW..I've seen Oakley on other channels and he acts the same as he did with you..
    I do wonder what type person would watch and even support Oakley financially..
    I know of Oakley and that's all it's going to be..

  6. That fantastic thing that happens when you know a little bit – confidence, but very little capability. If this wasn’t a hack channel the research would be in the description. Do it yourself means “I didn’t, and I bet you won’t either”

  7. This is an all time classic video. Thank you continuing to nurture your apprentices.
    This field must be acknowledged. Michelson and Morley provided proof of it, however Einstein had to do something about that.
    "The Michelson-Morley experiment forms the basis of the relativity theory: Einstein calls it decisive…if it should develop that there is a measurable ether-drift, then the entire fabric of the relativity theory would collapse like a house of cards.”
    -Charles Lane Poor of Columbia U

  8. Is the bending of light by gravity (1919 eclipse experiment ) the flow of the aether? I’m sure you explained that in a video and I’ve been looking for it . Thx

  9. A great, substantial, and thankfully concise explanation for that one part of physics that was once relegated to the garbage bin of science. Of course, that would also explain why Tesla 's most important observations regarding frequency and vibration (and by default,) our access to limitless free energy, remains outside the grasp of the masses, at least that is, as a point of focus. Still, the undeniable impact the aether continues to have on our abilities as human beings in general, however anecdotal that may be,, leaves hope that someone in science will find the right combination between frequency and vibrations that tickles the aether to reveal it's role and availability in every creative endeavor.

  10. I just left the longest comment in my history on the video I was not supposed to watch… five or 10 minutes after I was done the Aether Bunny gave me this video … if no one has ever coined this before I've never heard it before baby I'm the first… when things are manifested and we are aware enough to realize it … call them Aether Eggs…

  11. I have been thinking about the magic angle of superconducting and entanglement generating gr@phene in recent months. The magic angle, which is 1.1 degrees, is the same for superconduction as it is for entanglement generation. This puts the two phenomenon (entanglement and superconduction) on par with one another, meaning that both are classically driven mechanisms. If superconduction can be described classically, then by virtue of the common magic angle, so too can entanglement be described classically

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