[01] Installing Hello and Setting Up

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20 thoughts on “[01] Installing Hello and Setting Up

  1. This is an excellent series of tutorials, professionally organized and presented, the instructions are easy to follow and clear, at the end of the tutorials you indeed have a great understanding of how to use Elementor, which is and amazing tools, Thank you very much Aviva!

  2. So far in my many hours trying to work with Elementor in WordPress absolutely nothing works as described. If I go to Appearance/Themes, as directed, for example, there IS no 'Add new' as the video claims. There is an 'Install theme' button, where the video shows an 'Add new' but a search for Hello doesn't bring it up. Instead I'm hit up for a 'Premium Theme' option, for $180. So less than 60 seconds in, a complete fail.

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