[04] WooCommerce Templates Part 1

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In part 1 of this lesson we will learn how to create the single product template for our WooCommerce store using the Elementor Theme Builder.

This lesson will cover:
︎ How to create the single product template
︎ How to set the display conditions

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00:00 WooCommerce Templates
01:25 Single Product Template
13:06 Display Conditions

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9 thoughts on “[04] WooCommerce Templates Part 1

  1. Hello Elementor Team!
    Starting at 8:14 you're customizing the variations section of the products.

    Is there a chance to change the text of the default entry (showing "Choose an option") to another content? I couldn't find it…
    Thank you a lot for your help!

    Stephan from Austria

  2. do you have a special plugin activated that allows variable product images to change? or is there a list of plugins that interfere with elementor in order to display variable products correctly? I face some heavy issues regarding styling like you do..

  3. I was hoping you only used elementor however, when trying to add the 'elementor website builder', I find I can't install without the PRO version.. Update your tutorial to note fact or one is led a rabbit hole.

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