10 Marketing Automations to Sc…

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  1. Timestamps:

    00:18 – Intro
    02:24​ – What's New? We're about to see a massive opportunity for brands that are willing to be creative
    06:19​ – What's New? Vimeo becomes first video software company to partner with TikTok
    08:18​ – What's New? Tiktok tests Snapchat style vanishing video stories feature
    09:38 – What's New? Youtube's creator fund for Youtube Shorts will not exclude videos posted to other platforms
    12:04 – What's New? Twitter adds a new co-hosting option for audio spaces
    13:53 – What's New? LinkedIn updates people you may know
    16:21 – 10 Awesome Campaign Automations to Scale Your Business
    18:48 – 10 Awesome Campaign Automations
    19:51 – Holiday Abandoned Cart
    21:56 – Membership Onboarding
    23:28 – Product Interest Tagging
    27:00 – Thank You and Notification
    34:14 – Online Course Delivery
    39:54 – Free Trial Email Automation Workflow
    44:39 – Wrapping Up
    47:09 – Signing Off

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