2022 DS 4 Review & POV Drive -…

This is my review of the 2022 DS 4. I take a look at the exterior and interior and go for a drive (POV) with this plug-in hybrid hatchback.

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Quick specs:
– Power: 225 hp
– Torque: 360 Nm
– Transmission: 8-speed automatic
– Drivetrain: front wheel drive

0:00 Exterior part 1
1:09 Bonnet, engine
1:25 Fuel cap
1:33 Interior – Rear seats
2:13 Trunk
2:47 Interior – dashboard, front seats, center console
3:45 Sunroof
3:55 Infotainment system
4:39 Start POV drive
4:52 Electric range
5:31 Highway
6:10 Tunnel
6:24 DS Active Scan Suspension
6:37 Acceleration 0-100 km/h
6:53 Charging the battery
7:27 360 camera
7:48 Conclusion

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12 thoughts on “2022 DS 4 Review & POV Drive -…

  1. You think people won't want to leave BMW and Mercedes to get this ?
    I think you are wrong.
    I am a German, been a BMW fanatic all my life but I'm done with them.
    I ordered my DS4 last week.
    Design is just sensational, what a beautiful car.
    When I told my friends about my decision, they did their own research about the car and the feed backs are utterly positive.
    It will sell really well in Germany, that's guaranteed. DS just need to put some effort in , about marketing in Germany and Austria.
    I believe in Belgium, Netherlands, you guys usually want a German car just to get the badge. That's one dumb attitude.

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