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Multi Vendor Product Commission, eCommerce Marketplace Module, Admin Catalog Marketplace : Multi Vendor Module As the name suggests, a multi-vendor website or store is a platform for third-party vendors to sell in one place. In simple terms, it is a big shop that contains various small shops that are run by individual sellers.
To make it more relatable, think of it as a mall (owned by you) that delivers to people’s homes. Your mall contains many small shops. The responsibility of running each shop lies with the individual shop owner whereas the more significant burden of storing the products, delivering them to people’s homes, and collecting payments lies with you.
Now, imagine this mall in an online eCommerce setup. Your mall becomes a marketplace, the small shops are the seller’s stores, and you are responsible for the order processing, shipping, and payments (if there are any due). This is what a multi-vendor eCommerce website/online marketplace looks like.

Admin Login Details / Credential :
username – demo
password – admin

Frontend Demo :
Step-1 User Register
Step-2 Become Vendor

View Documentation :

Free Download :

Free Download Multi Vendor :

If you want to know the price of Multi Vendor Ecommerce and any queries regarding settings, and features, you can…


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