7 Ways To Make Money as a Web …

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Design and Sell Website Templates
2:04 Start a Youtube Channel
2:57 Start an Instagram Account
3:33 Create a Newsletter for Designers
4:36 Coach or Train Designers
5:57 Design Sites and Businesses to Be Acquired
8:21 Become a Specialized Contractor for Another Agency

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8 thoughts on “7 Ways To Make Money as a Web …

  1. Great video! I personally work for an agency as my main source of income, while making efforts to start finding my own clients. I think an agency is great if you're looking to "pick up hours". If you get on with an established agency, chances are they have multiple on going projects which they can then place you on based on your skill set, and how much time you're looking to dedicate on a weekly basis.

  2. Great video, I think as we build our skills as web designers and marketers we get very caught up in providing value for clients and sometimes don't think about how easy it would be to grow our own income.

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