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  1. Thanks for this once again! We all have some content, but selling it is the hardest part at first. Do you recommend any tools for that? CourseFunnels is so much easy to use! It has dozens of free profit-boosting plugins and in-built email marketing as well.

  2. So you mentioned all these digital products and how you make passive income but where do you sell them do you have your own website do you sell them on Etsy what's the process how do you bring people to wherever your platform is that you're selling your items at? How do you get people to buy your digital products?

  3. Hi, I’ve been thinking about creating a digital product. I just don’t understand how people market these products when they’re not YouTubers/influencers. Most of the digital products I know of were created by these people, who already have an audience and it’s easier for them to market their products. I’m not interested in being a YouTuber/influencer, so how can I lead people to my product?

  4. we can learn to setup a website but how to get a file from the site added to a checout and then setup payments and paid to bank accounts and how do you make sure the audio file that has been paid and sent to customer to dl and how do you set up accounting of dealing with taxes in multiple states

  5. Jessica, It is nice to learn alot. But some of us have not had a site before.The questions is like I am developing a site with 30 different audio files and trying or will sell them 6-10 dollars per file. But some of us don't understand and know how the file gets and setup checkou and the cash or charge things to my bankaccount and then have a customer add a file into checkout then have them get them downloaded one or multiple files been purchased and how if a glitch a customer contact and you can track it was really paid for? Then another questions is how do you taxes all over the usa. Do you have to do state taxes every state that was purchased? Do you have to file state tax returns for 50 states?

  6. It looks like you set up a landing page for your free workbook (thanks for the free workbook). Could you teach us how to create the landing page and what platform you use for the landing page? Thanks 🙏

  7. I was left wondering how much people sell such things for each in order to make that $100 a day mark. For all these options, I never heard how much each one sells for. I guess I could look around and see what people are selling these things for but it would have been nice to get some idea in this video, like is it 10 dollars each templete and you sell 10 of them? or what? thanks

  8. What advice do you for pricing these products? Eg templates. I go between $7 and $79. Curious on the best "bell curve" scenarios which drive the most sales per month based on price point.

  9. "you" don't say "all the things". Way too many people say "all the things". And I want to neck punch each person that says it. It's not clever…cute…or endearing. It's basic.
    You do not need it.

  10. All the things like Martha Stewart “It’s a good thing”. You either hate her or love her but she turned showing people basic things like making your bed and painting a wall into a fortune. Let the haters hate

  11. thanks so much but the issue is most of those things I don't know what it's so I suggest you bring them up, I'm a photographer and I also in crafts designer please 🙏 help me out

  12. I appreciate your brochure, but do you have any actual tutorials actually showing on how to set up and activate any one of your 8 ideas of the digital products you mentioned? I do understand that not everyone will have their own ideas as to what they will want to pursue, but to show how it is all done, your subscribers can apply an tutorial created by you, to their individual circumstances or needs.

    For example, how do I set up a digital video I created to be sold?

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