9 Top Plugins for your WordPre…

WordPress was made for bloggers, and though it has expanded to build many types of websites, its still the best way to make blogs today. In this video I’ll go over the top 9 WordPress blog plugins that you can you to expand and grow your website.

00:00 Intro
00:27 Social Sharing Plugin
00:57 SEO Plugin
01:51 Page Builder Plugin
02:38 Comments Plugin
03:16 Analytics Plugin
03:53 Email Capture Plugin
04:35 Anti-Spam Plugin
05:00 Link Forwarding Plugin
05:41 Google AdSense Plugin


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Grow Social
Yoast SEO
Monster Insights
Thrive Leads
Akismet Anti-Spam
Pretty Links
Easy Google AdSense


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2 thoughts on “9 Top Plugins for your WordPre…

  1. Awesome video, I always use WP legal plugin, to generate policies, cookies, and some legal stuff about google AdSense and collecting emails.

    What is you take on yoast SEO? is it out dated? I watched a video by Income school and they dont use the Yoast tool or any SEO tools and still rank well. Google programmers also confirmed that the algorithm is also smarter, and should focus on making good content. Google dont care about keyword density and stuff like that. I think what Income school presented got me all confused, so just wanted to know what your opinion on this. Thank you

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