A Tour of Smart Quiz Builder!

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SmartQuizBuilder.com (SQB) is the most customizable and advanced quiz plugin for WordPress. Watch this video for a full tour of SQB.

You’ll learn how to:
1. Create and customize all types of quizzes – personality, assessment, scoring and survey.

2. Add leads to your email platform.
3. Assign different tags based on outcome.
4. Skip the results screen and directly redirect participants to any page you want.
5. Send tags to your email platform.
6. Send you an email with all the details (question/answers) after participants complete the quiz.

7. Create a smart quiz/survey funnel where answer dictates the next question.
8. Add an open-ended question where users can type in their answer.
9. Personalize your quiz (ask for first name and then use it to personalize the whole quiz experience).
10. Create a lead magnet quiz.
11. Connect with Zapier (send quiz results to your Zap).
12. Find detailed report – contact info, quiz results, answers, etc.
13. Configure it to display share buttons on the result screen so participants can share their score/type/outcome on social.
14. Add blocking quizzes (users need to pass the quiz with a certain grade to access the next lesson in your course).

Watch the video for all the details!

Quiz Plugin: SmartQuizBuilder.com
Membership Plugin: DigitalAccessPass.com


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15 thoughts on “A Tour of Smart Quiz Builder!

  1. Hi, thank you for this informative video!
    BTW, I found your plugin through a mentioning on Chris Lema's blog. You should increase his affiliate fees πŸ˜‰

    Can I also use your plugin to create a simple calculator? For example a data lookup feature that delivers the capitals of North America's states or provinces.
    Dropdown field 1: Choose your country. Selection: USA, Canada.
    Dropdown field 2: Choose your state/territory:

    If in Dropdown field 1 "USA" was selected, then Dropdown field 2 lists all 50 states of the USA.
    If in Dropdown field 1 "Canada" was selected, then Dropdown field 2 lists all 13 territories of Canada.

    The Capital of the respective state or territory will be displate nearby (immediately and on the same page – not after clicking a submit button that redirects to some other page).

    Can this be done with your plugin?
    Is there a similar demo that I could import and work from there by modifying it?

  2. in the quiz funnels, can we take the input as parameter, then perform calculation, in order to decide which path to go? for example i take customer weight and height, then calculate BMI , and use the BMI value to decide what to show next.

  3. Hello Veena, I love your plugin wow amazing… I just have one question. are you going to add any video option? like to upload a video and there some options to answer??

  4. Is it possible to translate all text? Like "Your result type is" "Enter text here". I would like to customize or in some cases translate this kind of text. Edit: Ok, I have tested the Quiz Builder and it seems most is customizable πŸ™‚

  5. Your plugin is super impressive. But, that was an amazing presentation, Veena. I've been building digital learning content for 25 yrs and this product demo is amongst the best I've ever seen. 100% protein. Thank you. I cannot wait to try your product, based on how thoughtful your approach to this demo was.

  6. Wow, this is amazing for its range of applications. I looked at doing online courses in leadership, management and influence skills but the platforms didn't provide for built-in branched scenarios as SQB does so brilliantly. The Appsumo offer is equally brilliant.

    A lot of value all in one place explained clearly!

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