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10 thoughts on “Advanced Prestashop module dev…

  1. damn its so archaic approach with making name and value fields in db- much easier is to make json field… 😐

  2. Great and very ilustrative course. Few people do tutorials for Prestashop like this. Appreciate a lot!

  3. Advanced Prestashop module developer guide crash course by ALOUI Mohamed Habib timestamps:

    Course presentation: 00:00

    Introduction: 1:39

    Environment setup: 3:11

    Fundamentals of PrestaShop Develpment: 7:28

    The big picture(directories, operating principal, etc): 13:31

    Coding standars: 29:49

    Creating the first module: 34:45

    Install & uninstall methods: 50:11

    Configuration object: 55:18

    Hooks: 1:04:11

    Hook custom template: 1:18:50

    The widget API introduction: 1:28:22

    Enable widget support for the module: 1:35:00

    The getWidgetVariables method: 1:42:10

    Module configuration page: 1:46:27

    Tpl file for the configuration page: 1:47:54

    Handle form submission from a Tpl: 1:54:25

    The HelperForm: 1:59:08

    The HelperForm submission handling: 2:10:26

    Controllers in Prestashop: 2:16:33

    Create a front controller in Prestashop: 2:18:55

    InitContent method: 2:2:39

    postProcess method: 2:25:39

    Tools::getModuleLink method: 2:28:48

    hookModuleRoutes: 2:32:39

    Prestashop admin controllers: 2:36:13

    Create admin legacy controller: 2:38:11

    Active record pattern illustration: 2:39:53

    Create the Object Model class: 2:43:13

    The ObjectModel class: 2:50:50

    Create the edit page: 3:03:08

    Add the view page: 3:08:59

    Fetch data using DBQuery: 3:14:42

    Use TPL file for the admin controller page: 3:21:14

    I think i didn't miss anything! 🙂
    Good job, great course keep it up!

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