Art Studio Tour How I Set Up…

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44 thoughts on “Art Studio Tour How I Set Up…

  1. I agree with you, your work space needs to be inspirational and easy to work in. I enjoyed your video!

  2. Thank you so much. This is perfect and exactly the inspiration I needed to transform my small studio too.

  3. I could use advice on projector. I have a cheap one that sits on a photo or drawing… but it is not proportioned correct. What do i need tp look for? And does it connect to my cell phone and or camera. Would love to have one that does a good job proportiinally. Thanks. Loved your relaxing video… i need your skills organizing my studio. 😂

  4. Que vídeo maravilhoso. Você está de parabéns, pelo studio e por sua arte. Estou tentando fazer um curso de pintura em tela para iniciantes, com a pandemia eu deixei de lado, agora, estou tentando fazer on-line. Espero conseguir fazer algumas pinceladas. Abraços do Brasil.🤗🤗😘

  5. I just discovered you and appreciate your beautiful art-work space. l especially love your linen curtains, you didn't share where you sourced them. Would you mind sharing please?

  6. Many gardeners use this concept to keep those plants upright and strong and for good reason. This is one of the easiest trellises to build and it’s a really strong one that won’t cave to the weight of your plants.

  7. Hi Marianne, thanks for sharing your set up which i enjoyed watching throughly! Im new to your channel and i can't wait to catch up with your videos you built for 2 years. Lovely to connect here and gladly subscribed 🙂

  8. Beautiful studio!
    Your art looks beautiful, this is the first time I watched one of your videos.
    I dream one day to be able to paint water colour or any media

  9. Have I seen your paintings about 15 or 20 years ago in a Kennilworth gallery in Australia ?
    If so, I never forgot the beautiful flower paintings I saw in person xox

  10. Would very much like to see how you use Gesso and what product you use at the end of the painting and how you use it.

  11. This is helpful for me. I have many craft items to organize. Paint brushes, mediums, paints, clays, clay tools, papers. Water color paper, craft paper, pencils, pens, Beads, stamping tools, stencils. Omg yessss! I need this thank you!!

  12. 10:52 OMG YES PLEAAASEEEE!!!! I'm so confused about all those different mediums, it would be really helpful i you could explain it in a video ♥

  13. Oh its so organize! A pleasure to watch, just like you, you look like sleepy beauty, same grace!

  14. Love love love your art studio! Your setup is very inspiring and I just love how the look and atmosphere your art studio gives! May I ask where you get your desk lamp?

  15. Your video is amazingly calming and peaceful!! I am preparing for my exam and suddenly found this video, your voices and the background music just soothed my anxiety, the video is also made of high quality and valuable information. Love your channel and hope you could produce more videos :)!

  16. Looking at your excellent use of storage space, I opine if you don't use stay-wet palettes they are very useful for keeping colors from drying out.

  17. Thank you! I'm not an artist, but I am inspired by the clear and simple way you have structured your workspace. The result is so beautifully essentialist and serene.You've given me a whole new way to look at my home office! Can't wait to get started on It today! 😊👍☕️

  18. I love how relaxing your video is! I wish i had a studio like yours.. I'm the one who paints in the kitchen an in the corner of my garage. 😅

  19. I'm New and love it here, subscribed. ..

    Your work is amaxing and talking about this video, your space is lovely, you organising so beautiful. Makes me want to keep pausing and checking my bedroom because I store my art supplies and frequently I am adoring as I pause…

  20. What a lovely home studio! My favorite features are the reclaimed dresser and wood for taboret, and candles and plants. Well done, Marianne! <3 🙂

  21. I would love an in-depth video explaining the different mediums for use with oil paint. I’m a beginner and only using linseed oil because I’m not sure what all the others are needed for during a painting. Thank you so much.

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