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You probably know that the Astra theme is the most popular theme for WordPress websites? Maybe you’re already using the free version, or you’re looking for purchase the pro version or one of our bundles?

✅ Astra – The Most Popular WordPress Theme 👉🏽

There is one thing holding you back. A comprehensive, step-by-step guide on using the Astra theme, all it’s features, customization options — everything! Well, you’ve reached the right video.

In this comprehensive video, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about the Astra theme. We’ll look at setting up the theme, installing it, customizing it, and using all its features to their full potential. Once we finish the comprehensive tour of the free version, we will also take a look at the pro features, and I will explain in great detail the raw power of the Astra theme.

Once you watch this entire video, you’ll be able to utilize the Astra theme to its full potential and create the website you’ve always dreamt off.


📽📌 Table of Contents 📽📌

00:00:00 – Astra Theme Full Tutorial
00:02:29 – Installing the Theme
00:04:14 – Build a great starting point with Starter Templates
00:11:30 – Astra Customizer Settings
00:12:35 – Astra Global Settings
00:12:54 – Container Options
00:14:17 – Layout Options
00:17:20 – Typography Options
00:22:21 – Global Colors
00:28:14 – Global Button Presets


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40 thoughts on “Astra Theme Full Tutorial | Ho…

  1. If I disable the title in the pages and posts. Can I give an H1 tag on the page/post Heading using elementor? will it be two H1 tags or just one?

  2. EVERY TUTORIAL ON ASTRA THEME FOOTER FOR 2022 SUCK!!!!!!!!!! I dont know why it has to be soooo complicated to do simple things on this theme!!!

  3. please help This site can’t be reached when i try to visit my site after i enable elementor please help

  4. Just bought the Essentials Lifetime bundle because of this video. Had Astra Pro (theme only) but watching this tutorial made it all click for me.

    Thanks for putting this together. This video saved me hours of tutorials and is one of the most thorough yet clear tutorial videos Ive ever seen for any WP theme.

    A+ and fan for life.

  5. This astra theme is challenging… I added the social media icons and mine still not visible

  6. Hi, thanks for this tutorial, just a question: can we do a website with only Astra or do we need to use a page builder in all cases?

  7. When I download astra and other plugins my local host website shows me " can't be reached " and when go to editing panel that show me network restart…. pls help

  8. I have Astra and starter templates setup on my WordPress but cannot download any new templates. I get as far as selecting the Nature template for example but nothing loads after the logo now or later screen. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated from this total novice, thank you.

  9. This is probably the best step-by-step 'how to use I've seen. Really fantastic job explaining everything in an easy-to-understand way, showing how Astra is different (and much easier to use) it works the way my brain works! Thank you!

  10. Hi Yuvraj, can I use one of your starter templates and keep my existing content from my current website? Or will it delete all of my content that I created in the past year? Please advice.

  11. Am so exited for coming across this tutorial, Permission to use the video on my site…. Thanks

  12. Looks amazing! Awesome header builder, I was just hoping to see the mobile menu styling options (I put mobile site design style first)

  13. We demand an Astra website Builder, please , we don’t want to use elementor or other builders

  14. Hi, I ´m one of your Growth Bundle users and normally I like his tutorials but this time -.- The Titel “FULL Tutorial” and “Step by Step” isn’t correct. This time he catch up only the things what is self-explanatory and easy to find out by self. But those stuff like … Transparent header with sticky header + different colorText what really humble to get this done oder what are HeaderColor1 HeaderColor2 etc. … I looked now 2Hr and don’t learn anything new… it was not a tutorial, it was a 2Hr. selling video … really unsatisfied this time.

  15. Holy moly this video is mindblowing 🤯 and amazingly packed with tips😍 I love how you talk through every step and explain the Astra-Theme. No extra talking just teaching the whole time. By the way: with the version 5.9 out of the door – there exciting new features shipped with. Full-Site-Editing (FSE), Block-theming, Query_loop and a bunch of other new features. These features need to be discussed and the folks out there -they need to know whats new – and how to adopt (early – eg. the FSE Gutenberg – while some things still are in BETA) The global WordPress-Community is LITERALLY a learing community. So plz help in educating the world. We need you!🙏🙏🙏😊👍🏻😳♥♥

  16. Thanks guys just watched the video very educational. looking forward to your next update. cheers

  17. Wao Thank you so much for putting up this content, it’s really timely for me and I hope for rest of your subscribers as well.I have been craving. I have been waiting and wondering when will you guys put up this exact video content on how to use the full astra theme and I think some time ago I even asked this question. Well thanks for creating it , looking forward to watching it and I think it’s really valuable stuff. Cheers

  18. And please add custom post layout options to build a custom post design with help of Gutenberg ..

  19. I am facing text alignment issue on writing post or design pages by using Gutenberg please help.. how can i fix this…

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