Audacity Tried To Add Telemetr…

Recently the Audacity team decided to make an interesting pull request, this pull request would be in telemetry, this is bad enough but the big problem is they didn’t communicate all what there plan actually was and everybody completely freaked out.

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26 thoughts on “Audacity Tried To Add Telemetr…

  1. i think the real reason i will never participate in such telemetry things is that it takes my data and then… thats it
    i dont even get to see the data, in detail.
    an open telemetry platform with publically visible data i might actually support … but if musegroup just owns my data now, what do i get. I dont care about "we have no way to estimate the size of our user base" … you dont need to know the size of your userbase, its foss, You dont need to know your stability, implement a tool that generates detailed crash reports and then encourage users to send them in, you also dont need to know anything about what files are loaded how often, again, just generate crash reports if something goes wrong and otherwise … its not a bug. If people do not come and complain about file format recovery issues, then you should not care.

    All their "points" can be resolved by a "submit crash report" functionality, except of course the greed for more data

  2. I think you should alternate more often colors in your thumbnails. For the past 3 days it's been red-ish and my faulty brain thought it was yesterday's video when it poped up in the feed.

  3. I have an ancient computer
    People will never use my telemetry to improve the software to make it run well on limited hardware resources
    So, Why give them that & once they get the data, it's not as if we can see them

  4. I am going to make a request of any package maintainer reading this.
    Please consider when making a new audacity package disabling the telemetry on compile time.

  5. I see your points, but I still think the FOSS community has a far-too-big anti-company bias. For example, in "reasons to adopt telemetry", you have a fair point on number 2. But as for number 3, it doesn't really matter if it's opt-in, as long as having an old macOS version isn't related to opting in or out, the sample that they get is unbiased and good enough for making this kind of decision. Honestly, I think as you said that they have bad PR, but the telemetry implementation itself doesn't seem that bad.

  6. I wonder if the use of vendored libraries has been mentioned as an issue for the Linux userbase on Audacity's github.

    Edit: the answer is yes, and apparently there's even a pull request for some preliminary work on this very thing

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