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To start developing a WordPress site, we need essential plugins that we use on daily basis. Plugins that make our life easier. I can search plugins and install those plugins one by one that is a slow process or I can find a way to install them in one go.

I work with a lot of custom wordpress theme development. I have to install plugins again and again for every new site. So should I install plugins one by one each time for every new site? We have a way to not repeat this process every time. We can save time and install all required plugins in one go. Let’s do some automation in wordpress.

To do that search for ‘TGM Plugin Activation’ library. It’s not a plugin. Look for code at it’s configuration page. From download package page, you can customize and generate this library for theme, child theme or plugin. But I will use Github page. From github download file with name
class-tgm-plugin-activation.php. Keep this file in your theme directory.

In wordpress theme directory create a folder to place plugin zips files if you want to install plugins from there. There are PRO plugins that we can not download from WordPress plugins repository. This local folder for plugins to install is helpful in that way.

Open functions.php file from active theme. We need to add some code here from configuration page. It requires you to provide ‘plugin name’ and ‘plugin slug’ according to the official wordpress plugins page. To install plugins from directory inside theme folder, we will need…


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