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Learn how to trigger a new deployment in Netlify with build hooks whenever content changes in your headless WordPress CMS using WP Webhooks.

🧐 What’s Inside
00:00 – Intro
00:12 – Tools we’ll use including WordPress, Netlify build hooks, and WP Webhooks
01:32 – Creating a new headless WordPress site in Next.js with Next.js WordPress Starter
03:50 – Adding a new repository in GitHub with the project
04:56 – Connecting GitHub repo to Netlify to deploy application
06:52 – Creating a new Netlify build hook to trigger builds and deploys
07:53 – Using WP Webhooks to trigger the Netlify build hook on WordPress content change
09:07 – Testing webhooks with WP Webhooks and Netlify build hooks
09:52 – Outro

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15 thoughts on “Automate Headless WordPress De…

  1. Can you please explain Revalidate in next js and how to use them, the biggest challenge in SSG when post added or updated, and netlify and webhooks is not always a solution when we update custom fields etc .

  2. Hi Colby, could you link me to tutorials or introduction to learn how to deploy this ? I usually work on wordpress and simple hosting service but I'd like to start learning how to use AWS and headless solution to make site fasters while letting the client use a wordpress solution so he can do the changes he likes or add new articles whenever he likes to his website. Thanks a lot !

  3. instead of automatically build for every post, will there be any ad-hoc option like a button or something in WordPress hooks panel so that i can intiate build on when ever i want …?

  4. Would love to try headless WordPress but would I have 2 hosting costs? On for WordPress and the other for the frontend? Is there a way to have a hosting plan for both WordPress and frontend?

  5. Thanks so much, Colby! I will definitely try your starter and thanks for making it available. Currently getting to grips with Nextjs for my first proper React-based site and wrestling with which CMS to use with Nextjs? Now that you've shown me how easy it is with the right WP plugins, I'll give the WP CMS a go. 🙏🙌😎👍

  6. Hello Colby, I got a question about your NextJS Cloudinary Blurred Image tutorial.
    Since next 11 came out, we can place a placeholder to our <Image /> component and it becomes blurry when we hard refresh. And Image component is now more optimized, it takes really small amount of network to load.
    My question is, do we still need to conditionally render the blurred images that come from Cloudinary ?

  7. Great content Colby. Curious, what are the advantages of hosting a NextJS site on Netlify rather than Vercel? With Vercel you also get the NextJS analytics.

  8. thank you colby great content. ı am using next js and using incremental static regeneration for content updates or additions. web hooks is also great. which one is better choice?

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