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Is Your WordPress Website Suffering From a High Bounce Rate?

Maybe the Reason Is You Need to Minify HTML, CSS, JS, Etc. Here I Am Introducing You to One of the Most Popular Speed Optimization Plugins in the WordPress Directory. The Plugin’s Name Is Autoptimize.

If You’re Experiencing a Slow Loading Website, There Is a Way to Increase the Speed by Using the Autoptimize WordPress Plugin.

This Plugin Is Being Used by More Than One Million Websites and Most of Them Got Their Site Faster.

So, Go to the Admin Mode of Your Website and Click Add New Under the Plugin Section.

Search Autoptimize, This Will Appear First.

Install Now. And Activate It.

Go to the Settings of Autoptimize Plugin, We Will Configure This Plugin Now.

You Will See Some Settings Here. This Is Much Critical,

Under Javascript Options, Enable Optimize Javascript Code.

Enable Aggregated JS Files Too. It Will Aggregate All Linked JS Files to Have Them Loaded Non-render-blocking.

Aggregate Inline JS Too. For Most Sites, It Brings Positive Outcomes for Websites. If You Face Any Issues Then Disable This.

Do Not Enable Force Javascripts in the Head, Because It Breaks Most of the Sites.

If You See That Your Site Structure Is Broken, Then I Prefer to Use “Do Not Aggregate but Defer”.

It Will Automatically Enable Defer Inline JS.

Then Jump to CSS Options.

Enable Optimize CSS Code.

Aggregate CSS Files. By This, All CSS Files Will Be Linked to One.

Also, Enable Inline CSS.

And Finally,…


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