Beginner's Guide To Envato Elements

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14 thoughts on “Beginner's Guide To Envato Elements

  1. Hey, you used the musics at 4:53, won't it get you copyright? I mean, I know, adding the music to a project and then downloading a project is allowed, but here you are openly just playing the music

  2. I subscribed based on suggestions of some YT morons. This was really bad decision. Problems everywhere, inconsistency. On top of that Envato Market sells software which I purchased and out of 7 programs only one was good quality. Envato provides no support. I failed several tickets and out of a dozen got only one reply after 5 days, where they guys was just making idiotic statements irrelevant to the problem. For almost 2 weeks my account was like On/OFF, so I could login in the morning but not afternoon, then log in in the evening but not next morning. Created numerous tickets,… no help at all. Support have sent me several help links with dead URLs etc. All together horrible experience and I really do not recommend it because of the quality. In two weeks, I have wasted all together at least 6 hours dealing with the site/service issues.

  3. I like the idea of Envato Elements, but the thought of re-licensing every single asset I use in projects (especially if it's more than one) sounds inconvenient. Especially since I do several per week and sometimes re-use things. How did you deal with that?

  4. Thank you my dear brother, a very nice explanation, but I kindly ask you to explain to us how to license and deal with it in the event of downloading a clip or music. And does the use of a number of music in one video require a license for each music

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