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In this video, If you run Facebook lead generation ads then this video is for you. Best Free CRM for Facebook Lead Ads & Sales Automation for Facebook Lead Ads | TeleCRM Review.

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Do you want to get your Facebook leads instantly on CRM for free?

Looking for the best free CRM to manage your Facebook leads? Do you want to get instant new lead alerts on your phone?

In this video, I’ll show you how to connect your Facebook lead ads with a free CRM to get leads instantly. So, what is CRM? “CRM” stands for Customer Relationship Management. Generally, a CRM helps you to make your telecalling and sales process easy.

There are a lot of CRM are available in the market like Zoho, zapier, privyr, salesforce etc. But most of them are very costly and a small business owner can’t afford them.

Here I’ll introduce you to a free and affordable CRM named TeleCRM. This video is a complete telecrm tutorial.

Just setup Telecrm and get unlimited Facebook lead alerts for free. You can manage all your Facebook leads directly from telecrm web dashboard and mobile application.

You can directly call, WhatsApp, SMS, or email your leads within a few seconds. Even you can add reminders, update lead status, add notes, and many more.

Telecrm is one of the best CRM for real estate, solar dealers, interior designers, coaches, and all types of service providers who are using…


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