Beware New Bloggers: The Ugly …

Free Blog Post Templates Let me start by saying that running a blogging business is a huge blessing, and I am intensely grateful for it! But I have found that there are some downsides of blogging, and a few things that bloggers (even myself!) won’t tell you or just don’t want to talk about. Ready to see the ugly side of blogging? | Beware New Bloggers: The Ugly Side of Blogging

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22 thoughts on “Beware New Bloggers: The Ugly …

  1. Hey Allison! I’m just thinking to start my blog. I have my niche picked out, blog name ready to go (and made sure is available) and all the info I need to market my blog in order to get traffic, but I was wondering if it’d be a good idea to have as many blog posts ready to go now before I officially launch. I’m thinking I’ll never have as much time to write as I do now, how many posts should I do in my first month?

  2. You are a very helpful person, that, from my knowledge, is one of the most important people in your category on the internet. How cool is that? That's meaningful. You have shaped so many people's lives.

  3. For me, the scariest thing about blogging is when would my blog start making money. I mean if it takes a year, I might not leave my job and enter this blogging business. But if it takes less than a year, say 6 months or below, I could take the risk and get into this business.

  4. The 3rd point in your video is (I believe) is the most painful (like you already said). But have you never received unnecessary feedback from your boss(s), especially negative ones? Have you never received comments from your fellow colleagues? Yes, it's easy to point out the bad in a bad manner, and we don't usually think about how hurtful it could get for the other person, but we still say it. I mean negative comments are always around. We should try to learn from them and deal with them.

    I don't find much time to read your blogs or watch your videos, but I do love the content. Bless you, sister!

  5. So glad I haven’t gotten a troll yet. No one comments on my blog. 😅 I do get pressure to keep up with influencers on Instagram. Idk what I’m doing 😭 I’m not great at photo / video so most of the time I don’t post because I’m not aesthetic.

  6. Thank you very much for your videos! <3
    The first 2 points are the scariest ones for me because I need a hard inner motivation (not pressure) to do something. But the whole point of 'you're your own boss' meaning you need to be accountable for yourself and the things you do if you want to succeed with blogging… Goddammit, it's scary :O Thank you for being a support and a motivator :)) really hope to take your course sometime this year to boost myself <3 All the best!

  7. I LOVE your stuff. I've been using you as my number one resource ever since I had the idea to start a blog. You literally walked me through most of the major steps to get the website up and running with your videos lol. I have to say, that out of everyone I've followed and out of all the resources I use you are probably my favorite, because you really do a great job and breaking things down to the simplest step-by-step.

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