DIVI – #28 DIVI Theme Tutorial for Beginners – Adding your Copyright to the DIVI Footer

DIVI Theme Tutorial for Beginners – Adding your Copyright to the DIVI Theme Footer

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Purchasing and Installing DIVI https://youtu.be/CPJ5a_WpH34
Cleaning up the WordPress Installation https://youtu.be/xKphKVuZPBY
Menus and the Home Page https://youtu.be/LwdCnrYuHOU
Uploading Images in DIVI https://youtu.be/R1B_zxBj2w8
Creating New Blank DIVI Pages https://youtu.be/yfCfhvpy-EI
DIVI Full Width Header Module https://youtu.be/K6IXIdvUcpE
DIVI Blurb Module https://youtu.be/Jr5g6QwOz8I
Duplicating and Reusing DIVI Modules https://youtu.be/2g7Adrho7EU
DIVI Text Module https://youtu.be/X0UBsdMj09g
DIVI Gallery Module https://youtu.be/VesY_G1BLhM
DIVI Contact Module https://youtu.be/_eIsmAo4pYg
Saving Items to the DIVI Library https://youtu.be/PVYZQttgjww
Testimonials in DIVI https://youtu.be/aD7gIHSiAok
Changing the number of columns in a row https://youtu.be/d7r9lbElzD4
Duplicating Rows in DIVI https://youtu.be/8HDB7Aj3tAE
Adding a color or image to a section bar https://youtu.be/Bfyye3Me6zU
Format Pasting Between DIVI Modules https://youtu.be/Y4KuTy9P958
Adjusting Spacing in DIVI https://youtu.be/cLRHTL4QfkE
DIVI Number Counter https://youtu.be/7ibQPW3WBmo
Adding New Pages to the Menu using DIVI https://youtu.be/PKmmhmLavGo
DIVI Button Module https://youtu.be/yRbGKR9iAbc
DIVI Video Module https://youtu.be/2DY_Pbb2DMc
Add Your Own Logo within DIVI https://youtu.be/6wQWS3P5Sa8
Customizing the DIVI Header Area https://youtu.be/t9dvtw1JRrI
Adding your Copyright to the DIVI Footer https://youtu.be/vO-PJqSdxtc
DIVI Blogs https://youtu.be/el37w0Mc6Sc
DIVI Post Slider https://youtu.be/YjelIdRb_KI
DIVI Video Slider Module https://youtu.be/Sl-PS5ESs4Q
DIVI Bar Counter Module https://youtu.be/l0W7pogX2SE
Circle Counter https://youtu.be/fimIiulnHcc
DIVI Code Module https://youtu.be/Rarj_ckDnpU
Countdown Timer DIVI Module https://youtu.be/I4gREE-rpsA
Displaying text and a picture using the DIVI Theme https://youtu.be/CkPzcLXfuLc

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