DIVI – How to Build a Website with Divi Theme 3.0

I pretty much only use Divi when designing WordPress websites.

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That’s because, when I hear someone ask the question I mentioned above, 99% of the time I respond by letting them know, “Divi can do that!”

Divi is one of the most versatile WordPress themes out there — and it even comes with a drag & drop page builder that makes it super easy to customize your WordPress website in a few clicks.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect theme for your WordPress website, I highly recommend considering Divi as an option. Here’s why:

– Select specific content to display only on certain devices
– Easily make specific content on your site stand out
– Save custom layouts and download free page templates
– Add visual interest with free icons

You can customize Divi to do almost anything
Of course, there are some instances when a custom-coded site is the only solution if you’re looking to create a specific type of site and/or add a specific type of functionality to your site.

But it many situations, Divi can get the job done.

I’ve met and worked with people who have paid designers hundreds of dollars to custom-code websites and site features that could’ve easily been done using Divi.

Using Divi is a far more affordable option in most cases.

Even if you already love your theme, you may want to check out the Divi Page Builder plugin. You can use it with any theme and it’s especially useful if you’re not as comfortable adding content to your site on WordPress.

► Why I Like Divi: http://www.jesscreatives.com/blog/five-reasons-i-like-the-divi-theme-for-wordpress-websites/

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