DIVI – How To Fix The Hidden Divi Menu Module Dropdown Submenu And Mobile Menu In The Theme Builder

This quick Divi tutorial will show you how to fix and show the hidden Divi menu module dropdown submenu and mobile menu in the Theme Builder.

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Fix Theme Builder Dropdown Menu Hidden Behind Page Content
A Solution To A Persistent Problem
If there was one problem that has plagued me the past few months, it’s this. The Theme Builder is awesome, and I use it and abuse it. But every since Divi 4.0 was released, there was a bug with the menu dropdown and also the mobile menu being completely hidden behind the page content. In the first few months, Elegant Themes released a fix for the z-index, but I know from several developers that the issue is still ongoing and is under consideration as to how to best approach it. I got tired of waiting.

I had child themes ready to publish to my store but I kept finding myself waiting on support to fix this.

And no, it is not a z-index issue. I see that answer continually in the Facebook groups, and I have to wonder if those people actually use the Theme Builder or if they are basing it rather on what should work. What should work is not always what does work.

What I”m sharing here is a super easy solution to something that has been a big pain to me. I’m going to show you how to fix the hidden Divi Menu module dropdown in the Theme Builder.

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