I've Been Invited to Join Envato Elements Music

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23 thoughts on “I've Been Invited to Join Envato Elements Music

  1. I don't think content creators should be going anywhere near the likes of Envato, which merely leverages the talent and hard work of creators to offer millions of "digital assets" to anyone for a pittance.

  2. First time caller, long time viewer. Huge congrats, Daniel! This sounds like a hugely promising opportunity. As you say, this is also a great chance not only for you but also for us, the outsiders, to know how's the grass looking the other side of the fence. As you probably know they've been taking in quite a lot of authors in the past couple of months and it's a big question mark for many of us if this means that the overall earnings Envato is making via Elements is already big enough to split among a larger number of contributors or if it, instead, will translate in a revenue loss for the first generation of authors. Anyway, congrats again and it would be great if you keep us posted. Cheers!

  3. 1:53 don't say "sell", in case of Elements it is 'downloads', and yes unlimited downloads, and yes for your music you will start to see $0.00, or $0.01. or $0,02 and so on in your stats, that means the customer was very busy downloading lots of content (including music, web templates, photos, videos etc). and stats delayed for more then a month so you'll be able to share your experience not very soon. Pro tip: do not put too many files there, to get your monthly bonus, you have to put there 3 music items in 90 days, that is enough. I'm there from the very beginning with my photo portfolio, photographers didn't have a choice. you either sell on both (Photodune and Elements) or you delete your portfolio. So with music you can be more flexible if you are allowed to get there any of your items.
    Not sure why people are so pumped about elements in the comment section. It is not sustainable for the industry in the long term. I see Stock Photo industry is dying anyway (elements is not the first underbidding site out there for photos and i've seen many since 2007). Seems like music is on the way there.

  4. There is actually a way to postulate oneself for Elements admission. It's on the website. Obviously, no guarantees you will be accepted.

  5. Hey Daniel, I just got a “your almost there!” email from AJ but they said “the tracks need to be separated in the ZIP, not all customers have access to audio editing software”… can you explain what I need to do so I can correct this and resubmit? Thank you sir!

  6. Congrats! As you said it's good things for everyone here. In first place, this is a good thing for you, and then this is a good thing for us because we will know how things are going there ! (Even if well, I have no doubt that there lot of money to make there 😉 ) Thanks for everything and congrats !

  7. Elements is the death of AudioJungle, it deeply affects the sales of authors who was not invited to join Elements. Anyway, the invitation is a great thing for those who's lucky

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