Pro 3D Text Mockups in Photoshop | Envato Elements

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to use the Pro 3D Text Mockups to quickly and easily edit an awesome 3D text effect in Adobe Photoshop. A paid …

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10 thoughts on “Pro 3D Text Mockups in Photoshop | Envato Elements

  1. this is so tiresome, your channel claims to be "developing creative people", what your teaching here is a copy past mentality, one that fits very bad with creative people, this is amateurish, pointless and misleading, if you really want to stand by your claim, TEACH PEOPLE have to craft these effect from scratch, teach them how this can be used in a design setting, so it's not just another gimmick, teach them about colors, light setting versus the story you want to tell, teach them about the meaning of typography, what signals they send and why, teach them about the extra layers and visual complexity your get by using or mixing 3D text, teach them how to combine the effect in a proper, professionel and meaningful design setting, stop teaching people that creative people is a world of gimmicks and effects, if you think this has anything to do with design and creativity, you totally missed the point, Dansky i know it's hard to get at slap like this one, bur please. when then disappointment of reading my comment has passed, please read it again, take a look at what path your going, and start living up to your Claim because it's a good one and theres a place for it, if it's done properly…

  2. we have to always reference this when we use it? i dunno the cc rights and i would love it if you actually helped create this from scratch so we can have our own style added to it.

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