Rom's mediocre guide to being a YouTuber and monetization

TIME STAMPS* Recording audio: 6:00 Sound design: 11:25 Rendering and adding stock footage: 16:30 Monetization: 26:25 Equipment and softwares I use: …

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42 thoughts on “Rom's mediocre guide to being a YouTuber and monetization

  1. i agree with a lot of the comments.. your voice stood out to me right away! so i subscribed πŸ™‚ idk, its calming and unique. I literally liaten to every new story lol. keep up the good work

  2. I’m only half way through this video and iv already learned a lot lol. And thanks for adding what you use in the description, I was wondering that for a sec lol. Funny gold member voice over, I loved that movie lol, dr evil always made me laugh so hard lol.

  3. Man this was awesome to watch how another creator makes their content. And I love the laid back vibe this vid has! You've really helped me deal with some of the struggles of procrastination and anxiety and you always inspire me to do more with my channel! Love the quality of yours and The Dark Somniums content. Hope you two stay classy!

  4. I really enjoyed this! I hate to say it..but if i ever put pen to page again.. I will come back here to narrate. I am seriously thinking of trying my hand at it.

  5. I thought the video came out really good. I liked that it ended up being a little more raw and real. It showed the real struggles that can happen. Thank you for the information! πŸ˜€

  6. And how about gaining a fan base? You see people like MCP whom I cannot stand, that have a huge following of over 1m subs. And then really good narrators like Mr. Creeps (imo) who dont have the biggest fan base

  7. WOW, thank you SO much for sharing your technique with us!! I may never release a narration video myself, but it's cool to see what your favorite narrators go through for each upload! Now that we understand what goes into your procuctions, ESPECIALLY your sound design, we appreciate it all the more!
    I personally have been guilty of thinking, 'Oh, this is what she DOES, so it's probably all easy for her!' I had no idea that your sound design is just as labor intensive as we might imagine it to be!! For you to get it consistently flawless is a huge testament to your work ethic and attention to detail, because you are INCREDIBLE at It!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Quick question though: Now that you're monetized, do you stil benefit at all from our repeated listening of your stories?

  8. Thank you, so much for this little peek behind the scenes into what you do. You and Ronnie have become a staple in my life…I've tried a few other narrators, even subscribed to a few…but most are just a time distraction for me. The one thing that both of you share is your talent at portraying emotion. You both have your strong points. You? I literally could listen to you counting and I would enjoy it. It was nice to put a face to your name. I want to thank you for what you do. I know you dont make a ton of money at this, but I want you to know that you provide a lot to those of us that listen to you. Your voice is an anchor in this sea of chaos in which we live. I'm absolutely thrilled when I see one of your vids pop up. I clear whatever I have going on, and sit alone in my room so that I can totally immerse myself into the experience! You are a very talented young lady, and my wish for you is that your channel becomes successful beyond your wildest dreams!! Thank you. Your little Romulan!

  9. Don't ever be nervous bc you're beautiful. I'm glad that we have a face to put with the voice. I've only been subbed to you since January or February so I may have missed a video with your face. I know that Creepy Ghost Stories and Nina's Nightmares write most of their stories as far as music and art idk tbh. Anyway you do amazing work and keep up the fantastic job for for real.πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜˜πŸ˜‡πŸ˜πŸ‘ Oh where did your channel name come from?πŸ˜‡

  10. Love your voice and your acting. Has an attractive, feminine, and strong quality about it. Like the girl next door talking about what she had to do to successfully take care of a Nightmare on Elm Street type problem.

    The whole thing works.

  11. Very informative! I never considered that the process would take as long as it does, but that that makes me respect the craft even more. Great work!

    Also another thing you touched on, that being having to listen to ones own voice in the recording phase, is primarily why I'd never make it as a narrator. It's about the apex of cringe for me and I despise it with my every mortal fiber, so I doubt I'd ever be satisfied with anything I recorded.

  12. I appreciate you so much, you're definitely one of my top 4 narrator's ever. Thank you so much for providing such a great experience for your listeners. I wish you so much success and even more money! You deserve to be able to make this your very lucractive, primary source of income. πŸ’˜

  13. Thank you for your honesty in this matter. I once upon a time worked in a recording studio and in radio. The editing back then was a bit more analog i.e. no computers were in our studio. Hear a flat note or a wire buzz the engineer had to write the time down. Then rewind the reel to reel and manually "punch in and punch out" LOL So be thankful for the software you are using. Much better and easier. So enough history from the long long ago. 😊Cheers!

  14. "don't cup the mic!" -Glenn Fricker. He probably said it more vulgar than that but the guy is hilarious. The channel is SpectreSoundStudios, although it's metal recording info channel, he really does give good tips and I recommend watching the Stupid Musician Texts playlist lol. I also been working with FL Studio but mostly the mobile version for 4 years now… It's been hard for me to get to learn the actual desktop DAW without going back to what I already know and used to. Shame on me. One thing I've noticed with some channels is the volume levels. One video will be normal, then their next the volume will be really low. I turn it up, then the next video is louder than frick!!

  15. Creepy Ghost Stories writes about 80% of the stuff he narrates, and he does his own art aswell. Very talented dude……. I tried writing a story once, took me 3 hours to write a paragraph! And it was a bad paragraph! Lmao

  16. Really informative video! It's really cool seeing the behind the scenes stuff.
    Like I'm sure MANY others do( I feel an impending life story here, cue sad violins. Lucky you're full of energy drinks it'll help keep you awake), I would LOVE to narrate and voice act. I'm pretty sure from the moment I could form sentences, I was learning accents and being theatrical in things I did and what I read . Building strong foundations for successfully becoming a strange weird ass goofy entertaining kid later on. ( I nailed that btw 😎)
    What I lacked however, and which has just got worse over time was the very low confidence and self esteem. I could be as imaginative and creative as you like with my voice but as soon as someone would say stand up and perform that, or if they were to plonk a mic in front of me, I would grab my bag of oh helllll naw and be outta there. Trust me I've tried since and stage fright is completely debilitating and in turn I cant do it often. Even if I'm alone and I know noone can see me, If I KNOW a group of people will hear it, any attempt I make is sub par to what I know I can do. Unless I'm reading to my child or children in general, then I am able to go all out and just be me, which is weird πŸ€”
    But reading to my 'too cool' 14 year old like that now would likely result in her eye rolling herself into another dimension.
    Anyhoo, watching videos like this is like a little encouraging nudge to me so thankyou!
    Who knows maybe one day I'll stop being a scared little woman child and follow my heart!
    yeahhhhh odds are unlikely.

  17. When I first listened to creepypastas I thought that narrators repeated themselves because they were doing it all in one sitting and it was a way to smooth over making a mistake and got worried for doing it myself cuz I make mistakes and am human. Ya know like if hear a narrator go: I walked down the field apphrensively…I walked down the field apphrensively, I thought it was on purpose and it was like frowned upon to edit it like it made you uproffesional (I'm stupid I know) but then I heard one narrator go SHIT!!! After he messed up and wasn't sure. Thank God I watched The Dark Somnium to a how to make creepypasta tutorial and saw that even good narrators mess up a bunch or mainly just have to try a few times to get the delivery right….and THANK GOD! I used to read resident Evil novels to my friends for practice (books SOOOOOOO much better than movie n new games!!!!! Zombie literally attacks protagonist Billy Cohen in re0 while he's taking a dump in a public bathroom stall) I'M DIGRESSING!! LOL, I know it's a long shot and even longer road to make a living doing this I learned that when I watched CreepsMcpasta do a draw my life about himself….it was freakin touching and I MIGHT have cried a lil when his parents got back together and him and his twin got closer BUT he said it was a WHILE before he quit his day job and most never fully can. I'm wanting to do this because I'm simply passionate about it, I mean horror is about exploration and what's better than being their guide, their light through the darkness, like Virgil leading Dante through hell and purgatory, everyone needs a guide. Thank you Rom!! This was very informative and helpful πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‡

  18. You are so sweet and cute, your hair looks cool. Thank you for making this video, THREE TIMES! That is crazy, I would have gave up, so thanks for powering through and not giving up. Thank you also for all the hard work you put in your videos, I didn't realize how hard/time consuming it was! Thank you for being honest about how YouTube payment works. I have videos, I was posting my art and photos but I haven't in a long time, maybe I'll get back into that for fun. Anyways thanks again and I'm glad I found your channel. May God bless and be with you. Stay safe and take care 😊

  19. Hey that was highly informative not that I'm planning on starting a channel but good to know. I appreciate the work you put into your narrations unfortunately I find your voice so soothing I fall asleep on the longer onesπŸ€ͺ😁 please keep up the good work don't mind the haters or creepers they have nothing else to do.

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