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Beginner-friendly website project using Bootstrap 5


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Project Demo:

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0:00 – Intro
2:01 – Docs & Getting Started
4:40 – Including Bootstrap CDN
6:38 – Responsive Navbar
14:04 – Showcase With Flex Classes
24:25 – Newsletter With Input Group
31:03 – Boxes With Bootstrap Grid & Cards
33:22 – Bootstrap Icons
38:44 – Learn Sections
44:38 – FAQ With Accordion
54:50 – Instructors Grid Cards
1:01:11 – Contact Info & Map
1:07:18 – Footer
1:09:38 – Enrollment Modal
1:14:57 – Deployment To Hostinger


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27 thoughts on “Bootstrap 5 Crash Course | Web…

  1. One small thing I want to mention is around 33:20 when we add the icons, you will see a div with the class of “card-body” just pop in there. That got cut out for some reason, so just be sure to add that. Thanks for watching guys 😊

  2. Hey Brad, thanks for the video guide, I really enjoyed your explanation throughout the whole process and I have managed to really learn a lot throughout the video. Really appreciate your work and wish you all the best!

  3. This was really fast and full of information but difficult to follow along with at the same time.

  4. Just came across this video. I'm at this point comfortable with HTML and CSS, but am getting a little confused with Bootstrap, mostly regarding the layout portion and how to use it compared to Flexbox, which I find much easier to use right now. Hopefully this video clarifies some of that confusion.

  5. Well done for this tutorial. It would be nice to make an introduction first explaining the possible classes that every element can have or the the most commonly used, and then dive into the implementation. The way you organized the tutorial you keep creating the different components of the site assuming that everyone is aware of the classes that each element takes. Overall the tutorial is very good. Thank you for providing your knowledge.

  6. hi, thank u for the great video you've produced, very instructive, but the final page has a small issue, wich is the map desapear arround sm breakpoint

  7. How to change the colour theme in the Vs code?? The one used in this video looks way better than the default one. How to change it?

  8. I know Bootstrap makes life simpler, but it still seems like cheating to me. Still, I can't argue with the results. Very nice video.

  9. Hello Brad, do you think I dive into bootstrap after learning CSS or JS..

    Would love your opinion as well as others please 🤲

  10. Excellent tutorial! It was well-paced and incredibly practical with a great use-case for Bootstrap. I was curious, however, is there a way to add our API key to use the Map Block while maintaining security on a public git repository? (Wanting my repository to be public so potential employers can see my work.)

  11. I love the way your code is colored. what extension do you use to make it look like that?

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