Bricks Tutorial – Single Posts…

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Read Time:1 Minute, 29 Second

A more detailed look at setting up a Single Post Template, and the Post Archive, as well as the Post Filter.

00:00 Intro
00:18 What is Bricks
01:26 Example Post
01:33 Post Category/Image/Excerpt
02:46 Post SEO- coming soon
03:41 Create a Single Post Template
04:19 Think about your Layout
05:32 Add the First Container
05:58 Add the Post’s Featured Image
06:48 Add Populated Content
07:27 Adjust the Container’s Height
07:46 Change the Container’s Width
08:51 Check the Featured Image on the Mobile
09:09 Add the Second Container
09:57 Add the Post Contents
10:59 Style the Title
11:50 Global Styles
12:21 Adding Custom Fonts
13:04 Continue the Title Styling
13:17 REM Root HTML
14:10 Container Spacing of Contents
14:54 Style the Author
15:05 Using the Class to Style
16:22 Continue the Author Styling
17:03 Style the Social Sharing Icons
19:39 Post Meta Data
21:16 Post Content Styling
23:11 Modify the Container Styling
23:54 Overlap Container 2 over Container 1
25:40 Set the Template’s Display Condition
26:20 Create a Post Archive
27:29 Query Settings for the Post Archive
27:54 Post Offset
28:41 Post Categories
29:51 Post Spacing Issue
30:35 Post Spacing Solution

.bricks-layout-wrapper {width: auto;}

31:08 Post Image Sizing
32:07 Post Fields
33:32 Align Post Content
34:05 Add Padding to the Post Content
34:27 Add Posts Filter
35:51 I’m allowed to be excited!
36:02 Conclusion

Bricks Tutorial – Single Posts Template and the Posts Archive – Bricks Builder WordPress…


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13 thoughts on “Bricks Tutorial – Single Posts…

  1. You missed the basic mechanics of linking a Archive to the post page. What if we are using ACF or Metabox to show a specific Archive and then link the entries to a single post page for the CPT?

    I mean no offense, but your approach to things seems to be from the perspective of a "recovering Elementor" user.

  2. Fantastic tutorial with lots of helpful information! I followed your implementation. However, when I click on a post on the "Blog" page, the single post template is not opened, but the standard WordPress post page template. What am I missing?

  3. I'm making the switch to Bricks and you have one of the best tutorials I've seen.

    I might have the solution to your comment about "Auto" at approximately the 30:00 minute mark. If you click on the "px" under the margins units, you will see the "Auto" choice. Is this perhaps what you're looking for?'

    I haven't been able to learn how to put the spacing between the posts, so any help along those lines would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  4. Lets hope that these newcommers will rattle the cage and make elementor up their game.
    In my humble opinion, Elementor has become complacent and somewhat lost its way.
    however YMMV

  5. Wow, another huge video…I may have to continue watching this one tomorrow. But seriously appreciate your time and effort to show us all this stuff Imran. 5*

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