Buchardt S400 MKII _(Z Review…

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39 thoughts on “Buchardt S400 MKII _(Z Review…

  1. The way you move with the camera made me dizzy! You should put it on a tripod and move the speaker if you want to give us a rear or side view. Thanks for the effort!

  2. I'm so sorry about Chewbacca – I have a cat and love him greatly. It would be good if you could re-review the Buchardt S400 MKII in a more focused manner regarding your detailed impressions of the sound quality and as compared with other speakers. This review was a bit all over the place if I'm being honest, but I totally understand why.

  3. The ridge lines on the cones are gone because they are no longer necessary with the paper version. I don't like the idea of being locked into an active speaker and I'd be shocked if well matched components with the MKII's didn't end up my preference over the A500's.

  4. I'm confused why do you have the original inverted like that? The originals also have the tweeter in the bottom same as MKII. The A500s have it the traditional way up since the DSP does the correction.

  5. I’m buying a pair of these speakers for my first ever speaker set up 😂😂 & yes I can afford them. What’s the point in progression if you can buy the best and keep them for the foreseeable future and not have to worry about changing.

    Great video and my condolences for your cat brother.

  6. Good review. The drivers they use are SB Acoustics which are Danish designed by ex scan speak engineers and made in Indonesia. The are well designed and made with very heavy cast aluminium baskets and heavy magnets. I have a pair they sound better than my Dynaudio drivers

  7. Hi Z, so sad to hear chewwy is no longer your musical confidant, 16 1/2 years is some going. Cats are so annoyingly single-minded but love getting attention and fooling us into thinking we can control them! She was well loved by you. I just hope our cat lives like she did

  8. Hello zeos new viewer here sorry to hear about your pet cat .. They become family members don't they and it hurts an f ton

    Regarding not doing tier lists.. Think of them like this.. There are multiple people out there who's ears match yours (hundreds of millions i mean)
    That is human nature

    Just like everyone thinks a m5 is a fast car but to veterans only bugatti satisfies their itch and to some people only f1 seems fast and to some only fighter jets seem fast enough

    I personally like all 4 and only 3 would satisfy my itch
    There are billion People groups out there who would be satisfied with 4 of those, tens of millions with 3 of those, and only a few wouldn't take anything above 2 and who knows some might be bored even with fighter jets

    Those outliers are not the majority and product makers don't cater to then since they are a rarity both at consumer and manufacturer's side

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