Build a Hotel Marketing Plan (…

Build a Hotel Marketing Plan (…
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23 thoughts on “Build a Hotel Marketing Plan (…

  1. i started working for a group in the Marketing 2 months ago…they have several businesses and they now want me to also handle the marketing for their upcoming hotel…this video and your content helps so much ! thanks πŸ˜€

  2. Thank you, I collected a copy. Thanks for your videos, its helping me get the best out of online marketing. I've been a web developer all these years and understand the technologies backwards, but your experience in the hotel marketing arena definitely is upping my game.

  3. Love the video, thanks so much for it. Does Social media really drive bookings for non-resort locations? I'm in a rural area where most of my business is blue collar, so I always assumed that social media isn't really worth it. Thoughts?

  4. I really love your videos madam, I worked in Dubai as guest guest room attendent, looking forward to take some hotel marketing courses for a better career, you made me challenge my self. Hope you will help me understand the department madam πŸ™

  5. Wow you are so knowledgeable! I've been checking out your content and I've learned so much. I'm curious, how can I break into the hotel marketing niche as a freelancer and do what it is you do? I have a degree in marketing and a background in digital marketing.

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