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  1. This is absolutely the best tailwind tutorial I've ever run across, and the reason why is because John actually explains the utility classes and why they're being used. Most YT tutorials are just someone typing out stuff they've already built with no explanation.

  2. Great Tutorial
    John 👍👍
    But the one thing I want to mention here. During the design, you add the classes first and then put the content into that section.
    I think the tutorial should be more understandable if you put the content into a different tag first and then apply each class to it. Then the audience will see the effect of each class.

  3. Old video, but maybe you will notice it and answer 😉 for some reason when I've coded the website (the code is identical to yours as far as I'm aware, I've been following pretty closely), it looks good on larger breakpoints, but from I guess md down, it seems like the website doesn't fit into the viewport. I assume it's connected to the rectangulars, since everything is sort of drifted to the right by default. I checked all the dimensions and everything is fine, as wide as the current viewport, just the right rectangulars sort of widen the website so it doesn't fit into the viewport and there's a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom. With that most of the paragraphs are also cut from both sides.

    Any idea what might be causing it? I can screenshot this so it shows the issue clearer.

  4. I was able to follow along until when I ran the command 'tailwind build -i src/style.css -o public/style.css' I get a "The `content` option in your Tailwind CSS configuration is missing or empty." error. How can i fix this?

  5. I’m not a fan of tutorials where the person is just copying their code from another screen and not really writing code. No playing with hight, width, absolute positioning, text size ect. They just have the correct sizing for everything. I prefer a tutorial with trial and error.

  6. Hello John! First of all, do you have Polish roots? Because your surname certainly does sound like a Polish one! Second, I love this video, thank you for this tutorial and sharing your knowledge, it's very, very helpful and you explain stuff very well. I can follow what you say and explain easily!
    I've just recently come across TailwindCSS, and it's awesome, it's a game-changer for me. I'm a designer who also likes coding, and TailwindCSS reminds me so much of a design system, but it's for coding, lol. Anyway, I don't know why you don't have more subscribers, as you totally deserve that. Hopefully, your channel will blow up soon. Good luck, and please continue uploading your awesome content! Take care!

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