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In this tutorial, I am going to show step by step how to build a simple Recipe Blog using Node.js and MongoDB. We will build the layout with Bootstrap and everything else will be NPM packages. Some of them include: connect-flash, cookie-parser, dotenv, ejs, express, express-ejs-layouts, express-fileupload, express-session, MongoDB and mongoose.

Article & Files:

0:00 Introduction:
0:1:15 Project Setup
0:19:24 Main Layout
0:38:26 Home Page Layout
1:02:05 Setup MongoDB
1:08:46 Category Schema
1:12:11 Working with Categories
1:27:20 Recipe Schema
1:33:47 Working with Recipes
1:59:10 Display Categories By ID
2:05:07 Search
2:12:40 Explore Latest
2:15:49 Show Random
2:20:06 Submit Recipe Form
3:01:38 Addon Update Recipe
3:04:54 Addon Delete Recipe
3:06:13 Ending – SUBSCRIBE

Pablo Merchán Montes –
Max Griss –
Kelly Visel –
Bon Vivant –
Jarett Lopez –
Joseph Gonzalez –
Becca Tapert –
Pablo Merchán Montes –
Annie Spratt –

Gear I use:



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26 thoughts on “Build a Recipe Blog using Node…

  1. I hope that you enjoy this video as much as I did making it. This was my first time using MongoDB and I really enjoyed using it. Nearly 10K Subs!!! Subscribe friends!

  2. Great tutorial and easy to understand, thank you. Wondering what the best way would be to incorporate hyperlinks for the content in the description field. Do you think this can be done directly in MongoDB?

  3. Operation `categories.insertMany()` buffering timed out after 10000ms Im getting this error…could anybody help?
    I followed this tutorial line by line…
    please help

  4. Hey, I am getting error of port not defined in app.js. And I have also copied your app.js then also it is showing error, port not defined. Please help me!

  5. Really good work…but it'd be better if you show some kind of flowchart for the entire project…its not easy to picture the concept

  6. I was doing a project kinda like this one but I use JSON as my database I do the search part it got an error 2:06:40 it was not working, does anyone know why?

  7. Dear Raddy,

    Thank you very much for your great effort in the elaboration of this magnificent tutorial.

    It is a complete, simple and very illustrative explanation.


  8. Hey, first of all thanks for this great project. I love it.
    I have one question. Is it possible to deploy this project to Netlify ?

  9. Hey i am confused in the beginning part the folders and files part unable to understand which are folders and which are files please explain

  10. connection error: MongoAPIError: URI must include hostname, domain name, and tld..//pls help me

  11. nice tutorials bro. can you make the same blog with a user and an admin role base authentication, please use mysql, node js and for front end use react hooks or redux

  12. i am stuck with this video I dont know now how can I add login and register. using all the files here.

  13. Where can I found the initial set of recipes It's to painful to write all of them 😅🤣

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