Build and Deploy Laravel 9 Por…

Build and Deploy Laravel 9 Por…
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48 thoughts on “Build and Deploy Laravel 9 Por…

  1. Since the video was released Laravel changed changed it asset building from Laravel Mix to Vite. You have to follow instructions related to Vite as far as mix commands will not work.

  2. I encounter an error I installed docker successfully. But If I run the curl command to install the laravel it says docker is not running?
    How to fix this problem ?

  3. Not beginner material imo. He does a lot of pasting code or snippet shortcuts that make following along difficult. A good beginner teacher, imo, types (most of the code) out.

  4. i cant find the tailwind css installation guide in laravel 9.x documentation,,
    also at 26:00 i tried to load navbar in welcome.blade.php but it only load html..
    also the command npm run watch didnt work even though i follow all the steps

  5. Hello, can I ask you why do u recommend installing Laravel via Docker and WLS2 instead of Composer & xampp. I'm pretty new to docker so I'm just asking out of curiosity, Thanks.

  6. Have you tried the Trongate framework for PHP? It's definitely going in a new direction, but honestly it's worth checking out, think you'd find it interesting if you had a chance to play around with it. I think it would be really awesome to see you try out making something like this with it. Personally I've been a lot faster using it over Laravel.
    #StopIgnoringTrongate 🤣

  7. I love so much your php mvc tutorials
    Is it possible to make tutorials on single page router and templateEngine in javascript means all over our custom framework by vanilaa javascript

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