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33 thoughts on “Building A Realistic Imaginary…

  1. Very nice job, certainly superb mountains and colour render. I think the train ran somewhat too fast on normal speed. I wonder if a larger loco with better pickups or even dare I say is a diesel.

  2. That's really cool and I know there's an update I haven't watched yet BUT, it would be really cool if you made some mods to the train itself to give it that awesome fantasy wild west vibe!! Also the church needs railings leading to it on the bridge of sketchiness. 🙂

    If you did that in the update ignore me and Ill comment how much I love it in a bit 😉
    Awesome work and Such a cool little set!!!!!

  3. That actually looks like fun. Hard work, sure. But I never thought of building at that scale. My first train was a set of larger Lionel train cars and engine. The scope if building THAT large I never had ambition for. Nor the modern tools and materials.
    I really enjoyed this. Thanks. 😊

  4. Awesome. Now, What in the hell do you do with all these things once you've finished them? Sell it? Keep it in an insanely large warehouse with all the other things you've built? Just asking for a curious friend.

  5. In the late 50s, as a kid, I put together 2-1/ ping pong tables and made a mountain scene similar to yours using HO train track. It made the DS&SSMR train company. “Dixie Southern and Southern Shenandoah Mountain Route.” Scale buildings came from “Plasticville”, a company that made a “pretty real” (my goal) scale building that I could make more realistic by talcum powder and a little imagination. Bushes were made of lichen, a name I learned from my local hobby shop and two bimonthly magazines available for building model railroads. I used a lot of wood fiber plastic. Then, I discovered firecrackers that people bought when they drove through Southern states to Florida. This all evolved into a great layout that lived about 10 years, occasionally replacing Plasticville buildings blown up by burglars. A great memory, thanks. Subscribed and like. ❤

  6. Hi, thanks for sharing your creation! New subscriber here. I am working on illustration’s of a western style casino. Would it be possible for you to create a model of it from viewing illustrations? If so I’d like your help. Regards Tony M

  7. Exactly what I've been looking for.

    I'm finally getting my train table out of storage. I haven't got to use it in probably 20 years. My grandpa made it. He passed away and left me all his train stuff when I was a small child less than 10. I spent so many hours playing with his table, and remembering all the stuff he taught me. We always wanted to do a wild west theme. Know that I'm a grown adult with my own house I'm finally doing what me and him set put to do all those years ago before he got the sepsis.

  8. I think I might make a train town now. But I think putting an accessible FPV camera inside of the tunnel, with a light, would be awesome. Or one on the train itself. Really comes together we'll. Like a Bob Ross Painting, lol.

  9. That’s fantastic. I am getting started building a layout I like the idea of having the track elevated so it could be twice as long on the same footprint.
    What happens if the train derails in the middle of the tunnel 😢?

  10. I did a double-take at the finished product. My brain was temporarily tricked into thinking it was an overhead shot in a wild west film, despite watching the entire build process. Your detailed execution is fantastic!

  11. My friend growing up, who is now a US congressman, had an entire room that was a train set with surrounding mountains, forests, etc. It’d be cool to see you make something like this with your Wild Imaginary West theme and different scenarios set up all over the room

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