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This is a short ~5 minute video that introduces you to Fermyon’s Spin framework. In this video we deploy a CMS on localhost, using a GitHub repository template. We then also create a new Spin application (a HTTP Rust application) using Spin’s built in template functionality.

Stop by our booth at #ossummit and scan your badge for a chance to win an Xbox.

Spin Release Page:

Bartholomew Site Template:

Spin Template URL:

(spin templates install –git

Relevant Blog – Building Your Own Content Management System (CMS) From a Template:

Relevant Blog – Building With Spin at Open Source Summit Europe 2022:

Fermyon Docs:
Spin –
Bartholomew –

Fermyon GitHub URLs:
Spin – (also the location of Spin application templates when using the ‘spin templates install’ command)
Bartholomew –

Fermyon Blog:

Fermyon Web:

00:00 Meet us at booth S5 – Open Source Summit Europe 2022 (Dublin, Ireland)
00:18 Download Spin binary executable
00:31 Use GitHub template repo. (Bartholomew CMS)
00:48 Git clone your new…


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