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  1. Yes, I let you know what I think: incredibly good in every respect: the singer, the mix, the sound, also the text and much more. And now I’m happy to have purchased the Zen Q a few days ago, although I’m by far not that good singer (and I haven’t got access to such a good singer either), producer, instrumentalist, … but this simply sounds incredible.

  2. Do you have to install the plug-ins it comes with? Or can I just install the antelopes drivers to install it as a interface

  3. Hola amigo me podrías recomendar algún cargador 🔌, la voy a comprar para para conectarla al iPhone 📱 ..Y la casita alimentación .

  4. Wow! Jasmine gave me goose bumps. What a powerful and soulful voice! I bought this interface a month ago bundled with the solo edge mic. Got inspired right away recording acoustic guitars with the mic simulations. really nice!
    When gear inspires you to write and record, that's a win in my book.

  5. Is the unprocessed sound quality any different than apollo twin mkii? which one is better for ambient guitar??

  6. RME is ahead. I sold my Zen Go. I bought an RME bf pro fs and became happy. Zen GO created a lot of problems for me , it hurts me to remember it. Everything is fine on paper and in advertising, but in fact the Sound is bad , the drivers are bad, like everything else. I'm done with ANTELOPE once and for all !!! Six months ago, Zen Go was worth + 150 euros. Now + 1600 euros. for the same money. In this regard, it was difficult for me to sell Zen Go/ I had to sell it very cheap. Stop marketing !!!

  7. Nice John.. The question, you don't give your vocalist a little verb when tracking them?

  8. Hi, how does this compare with the Apollo USB 3? I get excited with all these audio devices coming out, I wouldn't mind having this as well as it has similarities with using plug-ins before it hits the DAW. Definitely helps with CPU usage.

  9. I have used one for about 3 or 4 months. And I did not care for it. I couldn't mix with it in post. Now their is work around to mix in post but it was a pain for me. I went back to my old interface. I used it to mix drum kits, guitar,bass, piano, and some violin. It could be I just never figured it out. But for my setup I did not like it. I really wanted to and tried to like but it never happened , it isa good product for some people, but the post work around was just a deal breaker for me.

  10. Love the Antelope products. Bought the Discrete 4 Synergy Core right before this came out. Top notch stuff 👌

  11. Hey so I’m merely a keys player. I was wondering what studio monitors you’d recommend, since I’m not looking to mix or master and sounds?

  12. You can record throw plugins in real time in studio one using plugins like arturia softube waves with no latency? check it out.thx

  13. I've been using the ZenGo since March and I do like the unit. I also track with the processing going in and get real good results. Now I don't know if this this is a PC or Mac issue or an issue unique to my system or user error but as a PC user, some of the updates produce some weird issues. Honestly it seems as if I have contact tech support every time I do an update. That being said: Antelope Audio has outstanding tech support and you can actually talk to a Live person. I don't think its 24/7 but the hours are pretty extended so you shouldn't have an issue reaching someone. I did report the issue with updates and was informed that "it would be looked into" so we'll see but I still enjoy it and would recommend it.

  14. This interface is clean!!!! It’s refreshing to hear actual vocal demonstration and not the typical trap music!!! Nothing against trap it’s just over rated in my opinion!!!🤷🏽‍♂️😂😂😂

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