Shopping for frames online eliminates the hassle of dressing up, driving to the store, getting stuck in traffic, not to mention having a salesperson hover around you while you try to decide on which frames to buy.

With the Virtual Mirror, you can try on the glasses from the comfort of your own home, taking as long as you like, not having anyone trying to push you into just buying a more expensive frame.

Top Features:
Real-time glasses try on
Accurate fitting
Compatible with Magento & WooCommerce
Hyper-realistic frames of any shape and color
Face and pupil recognition in real time
Customers can upload their pictures, webcam snapshots or phone camera images to see how they would look wearing certain eyeglasses.

With Virtual Try On Eyeglasses Plugin, shoppers can quickly see themselves in multiple pairs all at once. And on top of that, it’s often hard to literally see themselves clearly in the frame they’re considering.

With Woccommerce Magento Virtual Try On Glasses plugin, customers can actually visualize themselves in the new pair with ease while wearing their current pair of prescription glasses.

How many frames can you try on in front of a mirror at an eyeglasses store? 3? 5? 10?

The point is, there’s a limit. When you stay online and use the Virtual Mirror, there are thousands of frames for you to try on, in countless of styles, shapes and colors.

See, how this plugin has made life easy for all the customers and optical store owners!!

Hope you are…


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