Can anyone build a store on th…

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50 thoughts on “Can anyone build a store on th…

  1. What a fantastic idea. Well done. I would do this in europe,that have potentzial,specially here in Austria with a looooong coffee culture. And the alcohol is also loved here as much. GREAT CONZEPT !!!

  2. めっちゃ拘りは分かるけどなぜか行きたいとは思わないんよなwそれなら普通に冷暖房、トイレあるテナント借りたほうが良いような気が、、

  3. 無知無知の無知なんだけど、やたら立水栓があるし、分電盤もありますね。

  4. Incredibly amazing and so much respect on your God given talent and passion 💜. I blessed you and may the Hand of the Almighty God be with you always. May God Blessed me and allow me to taste that coffee prepared by that blessed hands, may the Lord God Almighty ELOHIM, JEHOVAH GOD keep everything about you and Bless the works of your hands. All Glory To God In The Highest!

  5. 組み立てに2時間もかかって、片づけも同じくらい時間がかかるとしたら、相当な時間の無駄としか思えない。

  6. thông minh quá hoá ra khờ :)). đóng lên trên cái khuôn thành chiếc xe cho nhanh mấy chú nhật bản ơi :)). bán thì đẩy ra, chứ nhiêu ráp đây cũng giá bằng chiếc xe :))

  7. 道路占有料高く

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