Cat Burns – Go (Official Video…

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46 thoughts on “Cat Burns – Go (Official Video…

  1. me and my ex listened to this all the time but i like the song but i dont bc it brings memories of me and her well it was her favroute song

  2. I love her song and her voice is so amazing and beautiful I just love it and I would love to be In one of her videos

  3. i'll go and return satisfied of my list of remarks over the prejudice that order up change which is for sure that we see eye to eye all while listening high and drunk in the midst of you!

  4. This just became one of my favourite songs I can tell this is going to be a banger like latest trends I mean the song latest trends not like the actual latest trends

  5. What is this it certainly isn’t singing and certainly no talent, I heard this on the radio and felt I had to comment anybody can speak words out, try singing!

  6. See this Tune Right here speaks volumes word bye world iam sure all u Men can feel this track and realise how much u loved her but u weren't on point to kp her 💔💯💥

  7. Love that this song and the video tell a story. On top of that an R&b song like this today is few and far between. So refreshing.

  8. Danggg, I’m impressed and this song is amazing. Looking forward to hearing more music from ya!!

  9. Honestly, this is just the kind of summer song I was looking for. perfect chill music

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