Child Templates in Joomla 4.1

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3 thoughts on “Child Templates in Joomla 4.1

  1. This is really cool, one pain i have always had is serving a modified template on specific pages. This will make it much easier than the long route of creating template duplicates.

  2. AFAIK, Joomshaper's Helix Ultimate does not have any CHILD template feature. But they have moved all default overrides to the system plugin, so you can even override those defaults, something that was impossible in previous Helix releases. On the other hand, this is nice but makes the whole J! core override check and comparison feature useless 🙁

  3. Does this mean multiple overrides for a given module or component views? Like normally you would just have the one "html" sub directory and that's it. That would be awesome, I've wanted that soooo many times.

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