Clear Spaces: Transparent Widg…

In today’s video I will be showing you guys how to use Clear Spaces to get a more minimal home screen setup for your iPhone.

Clear Spaces:

How to customise app icons on iOS 15:


– timestamps –

00:00 – hi
00:28 – how to setup clear spaces
03:07 – how to add information options to clear widgets
06:02 – using smart stacks with clear spaces

– s o c i a l s –

– f a q –
Kayla: 19 (12 March 02)
Monique: 22 (21 Sept 98)
Where are you from? South Africa

– g e a r –
Video Editing Software: Final Cut Pro (M1 MacBook Pro), LumaFusion (M1 iPad Pro)
Thumbnail Editing Software: Photoshop, Affinity Photo
Cameras: Canon 90D, Canon 750D, iPhone 12 Pro Max
Lenses: Sigma 30mm f1.4,…


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13 thoughts on “Clear Spaces: Transparent Widg…

  1. Nice post – thanks. With the advent of the "App Library" I can't figure out how to get a screenshot of an empty screen. Could you please clarify how to do this, if it's still possible? Thank you.

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