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Rachel will cover her full process of onboarding / off-boarding clients including the way she is using Asana to manage the process.

00:00 Intro
02:03 Onboarding tools overview (project management, contracts, communication)
06:03 Project Management with Asana
12:00 Onboarding email
14:30 Welcome pdf
20:10 Contract
22:00 Onboarding clients on Asana
23:14 Kick-off call
23:54 Off-boarding tips
24:23 Final off-boarding call
25:34 Final invoice
25:53 Delivering assets and off-boarding presentation
26:41 Testimonial and feedback form
27:45 Discount for future collaborations and referrals
28:34 Check-in with clients later on
29:30 Overview

Tools Mentioned:
Flux Notion Template (free) –
Asana –

Learn how to do better web design, charge higher prices, and work with better clients on this free workshop:

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46 thoughts on “Client Onboarding – Complete w…

  1. That PDF-template / Welcome document is really pure gold. It will make you stand out against others. Your professional level with this document is raising you way above your competitors. My gut feeling tells me I will spend my weekend(s) to create such a document to help onboarding clients.
    Such a great video and a huge inspiration.

  2. Love all this. It might be too much for an illustration project. But for media buying and creative campaign, the system would be even more detailed. I'm most used to the former but may move into more complex projects that this could help with so thank you.!
    15:14 No "e" in smooth. 🙂

  3. This was so informative! Thank you for sharing this 🙌. I would love to see a video of how to price your client projects appropriately and how you go about this. I struggle so much and am always unsure about how much I should charge.

  4. Hello Rachel just a q. About the contracts who did u get ur contracts done by a lawyer or did u find templates online cause I need a little help with those, thanks

  5. Maybe some sort of a live on boarding ROLE PLAY would also be helpful @rachel hurry (I dont know what the setup would lool like)…. Basically a two way interaction e.g rachel as the desiner and ran as the client. something like this . otherwise this video has opened my mind to alot in terms of hospitality and managing client relations and expectations during a project – the experience is important

  6. This well broken down, although my experience tells me a lot of these steps are just a waste of time and although clients want to be treated well they also like to avoid wasting time with unnecessary steps. Great video though!

  7. Amazing, this was so well articulated and thorough – please do more videos on best practice client management and engagement – I'd love to see something on how you prepare Brand Identity Guidelines – there are loads of templates but I'd love your views on what's important especially for a start up lead by minds that don't generally understand or think about design value in the way us creatives do.
    Amazing content guys keep up the good work!

  8. Love this Rachel – brilliant video, very clear and helpful. Thanks for sharing. You ask what types of videos we would like to see more of … definitely this side of it: the business processes. Love it.

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