Complete RankMath Tutorial 202…

In this SEO tutorial, I show you how to apply Search Engine Optimization to your WordPress Website using RankMath. Using this free plugin you will be found better in the search results of Google and other search engines. With RankMath you can make sure your search results look clean and are straight to the point.

I will show you how to download and install the free version of RankMath. Then we will configure RankMath and create a Google Analytics and Google Search Console account so you can see all the important statistics in the backend of your website. Using the 404 monitors we will make sure that all your broken links are detected and fixed. With RankMath we can create a Sitemap that will enable Google to index our websites faster.

We will optimize the way all our pages look in the search results. How to go from this. To this. And we will make sure that all our upcoming pages, posts, and product pages are optimized by default.

When we have done that I will show you how to optimize your individual blog posts and pages. And using RankMath you can see every step you need to take in order to be found better. We just have to follow all the suggestions from RankMath and I will walk you through them.

There is so much more we will cover. How to read the website statistics. How to analyze and optimize our website even further. Even though we already get so much with the free version of Rank Math: At the end of the tutorial, I will talk about the features of RankMath Pro. In…


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28 thoughts on “Complete RankMath Tutorial 202…

  1. Great video, and share of knowledge. Happy to see that you keep on going regardless of language barriers, you're doing good at English. Keep up the good work and share more videos too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hello Ferdy… Thank you so much for you good work. I used the rank math SEO and am currently scoring above 80
    However, on the links part,I have a query in the external and dofollow links… How does it work… Am still not getting a green in that metric. Kindly assist.

    Thank you again.

  3. Hey there! thank you for suppper useful video! Did it ever happened to you, that you made a website, connected sitemaps to google console and your site, some posts not indexing((((((

  4. Ferdy thank you for a great tutorial, I just wanted to ask what the difference between star rating review snippets and Rank math, can both be used together?

  5. Ever since wordpress 5.6 you don't need a sitemap plugin as wordpress has that covered since 5.6 . all you do is go to your url in the address bar and at the end type .xml and that is your site map which you can submit to google

  6. Hey Ferdy, SEO Analysis option is no more available in FREE version. Please guide me if it has to do with any settings or they have just simply removed for FREE ?

  7. thank you so much for you work brother. I'm trying to get the best out of my website. do you know any good person that will rank my website on the search results and also help me optime some of my posts? thank you

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