Content Marketing For Beginner…

Content Marketing For Beginner…
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49 thoughts on “Content Marketing For Beginner…

  1. @Ahrefs,
    I have a few queations
    1. To what extent does.a Content Creator/Marketer need to be skilled in tech skills like video editing, photo editing, graphic design?
    2. Related to previous question, is there a role in marketig that specifically focuses on creating, editing and managing just the visual content, or is this.the role of that standard Content Creator/Marketer?
    3. Related to previous question, when one says"video" as one of the co tent formats, does that mean that simple you tube video of a person talking or explaining something in front of the camera, or a commercial/promotional video, and if the latter is incmuded too, does the Ckntent Creator make that promotional video or editor in the team?
    4. How big is the demand for Content Ceeator/Manager job today, clmpared to.other Digital.Marketing jobs?
    5. What is the difference between Editor and Content Creator/Marketer?

  2. Thank you for doing this video. I'm as a beginner in business literally searching "Content Marketing" to start create my owm content & promoting it. Again, thank you.

  3. That's for your valuable content.
    Sir I am going to work on affiliate blog and I have done keyword research and gather more than 100+ keywords wth the help of ahref tool.
    I have found 4 type of keywords.
    1) best xyz product.
    2) abc product VS xyz product
    3) model no OR brand + review
    4) what, how to blah blah.

    Now I am confused about from what type of keywords should I start writing blogs with.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hey Ahrefs!
    I think my Site Got Panelized from Google as the New articles are not ranking and the Old one's are down-ranking. But There is not any single issue showing the Google Search Consoles(Security & Manual Actions). So what to do now and how can I get verified that is it penalized or not?
    What to do Now?
    Waiting for your Response.

  5. hey I'm a new learner about SEO and a big fan of your videos
    thank you for these amazing videos
    but I have a request to make
    can you make a video guide about managing Instagram page?
    how to get best hashtags, how to get content ideas, etc
    I have watched lots of videos on YouTube for this topic but non of them were fulfilling
    I know you can make the best ones
    it will be really helpful

    thank you a lot for everything
    and take care

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