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Saving a site as a template is one of the key features missing in modern SharePoint.

The good news is we can copy a site, 1 for 1 using PowerShell.

This video walks through the process of copying a subsite with all of the lists, libraries, documents, modern pages, web parts, custom columns and everything else using 5 lines of PowerShell script

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24 thoughts on “Copying a Modern SharePoint si…

  1. Thank you so much for content, really appreciate it. When i run the connect-PnpOnline i'm getting a "Need Admin Approval" error. I am a SP Admin, do I need extra roles to get connected?

  2. Another great video Deshon. Quick question? In your video you demo applying to a sub site. I need to clone a site collection Communication site about 25 times. Do I need to create the sites first and then apply the XML? And I assume it works the same for communication sites?

  3. Hey DeShon, your videos are great and have been extremely helpful in laying out some pretty complex stuff, nicely done, and thank you!! With these templates, Is it possible to create a site template and update the property bag to change the default content types "document" / "item" to custom ones that live on the HUB?
    I'd like for every document library/list in our tenant to use our company defaults, regardless if a list/library is created by an admin or standard user on a given site. I'd like to set this default in addition to other things for an SP site that gets created whether it be from the Admin or creating a new Team and spawning a corresponding site.

  4. Thank you so much for this explanation! No where on the net not even the MS documentation explains it as well as you did! Thank you DeShon! God Bless you!

  5. Hi DeShon, Im new to PowerShell and this was a great video. Do you have any suggestions for resolving the issue Im getting re: JSON value could not be converted to System.Int32? I followed some other documentation but it hasnt worked.

  6. Thank you for this. Would you consider this a good strategy for migrating subsites to their own site collection? I'm trying to restructure a heavily nested intranet.

  7. Hi Deshon, once again thanks a lot for your content.
    One quick question: Have you encountered any problems while importing custom sharepoint forms to these new sites? I'm having some issues with reference, it's like the new clone sites tricks powerapps into the parent site's form.

  8. Am I going crazy? Where did you get your config.json file from? You didn't run any cmdlet to get it, it just magically appeared!

  9. Hi, fantastic video. I got this error when I ran the import script –

    Warning, the source site from which the template was generated had a base template Id value of STS#3, while the current target site has a base template Id value of Group#0. This could cause potential issues when applying the template.

    Everything duplicated in the new site so in the Navigation I have 2 Homes, 2 Site Contents, 2 Pages, duplicate sets of Lists etc

    Any help much appreciated

  10. Thanks. This was very helpful. You said an automated version of copying a Mod SharePoint site was comming soon? Has that been done? If not is there a way to notify me when it has been done?

  11. You sir, are a legend! Thank-you for making this so easy. Brilliant, cant say thank-you enough

  12. This was awesome! Two questions. 1. Will this work on a Mac? 2. Does this save as an organization site template or automatically apply when a new subsite is created?

  13. A very awesome tutorial but still not explain how to export all lists structure and data rows …. Same for SitePages (.aspx) are not exporting with this script

  14. Thank you so much for this video DeShon, when I include tenant handler in my config.json file it does not include it to my template. Do you have any insight as to why that is happening ?

  15. Thanks for the video, DeShon. Do you have any suggestions for resolving a partial export/import? I get the web part layouts, the quicklinks and people section but no News posts or documents.

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