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FULL STACK COURSE (React, Flask, & PostgreSQL):

This tutorial shows you how to use template caching to speed up page loading and improve the overall website performance.

Download the HTML/CSS templates here:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8: You’re watching this video now

🚀 Ready to Deploy?:


⌨️ Keyboard –

🖱 Mouse –

🖥 Monitor –

🦾 Monitor Mount/Arm –

🎤 Microphone –

🦾 Microphone Arm –

🎛 Microphone Processor –

⚡️ Thunderbolt Dock –

🔊 Speakers –

🎧 Headphones –

🪑 Chair –


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13 thoughts on “Craft CMS Tutorial – Full Webs…

  1. The craft series is very helpful. Can you make videos on how we can make plugins and modules based on business logic rather then only CMS in craft.

  2. Hi Luke! Thank you so much for this and your first tutorial series on Craft. I found you while looking at WordPress alternatives. I've been working with WordPress for quite a while now and with each project I do, it's becoming such a grind. Thanks for putting this together. I followed both tutorials and learned a great deal. I've enjoyed your instruction and look forward to diving into the Craft docs and gaining more knowledge.

  3. Awesome tutorial series Luke! Really enjoyed it. Can you maybe make more Craft tutorials? For specific features? For example att the moment im trying to figure out how I can add page transitions (animation) to my craft site. Any ideas? I was thinking about barba.js… but not sure how I can embedd it into my craft site.

  4. Nice work on a tutorials.
    Any comment on how to fetch data from a remote API?
    Is there a way to fetch data from custom SQL table?

  5. Is it possible you'll make a video about how to deploy a craft CMS site? Because there are practically no videos about the topic on youtube.

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