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One of the biggest difficulties in creating KDP Low content books is creating custom interior files. In this video I show you, using FREE templates that I’ve created and are ready for you to download, how to create a unique KDP cut and paste interior. Then I show you how to put all the pages together into a pdf file that is then ready to upload to the Amazon KDP platform and publish. KDP no content and low content books are a great way to create a part time income or even a full time passive income, which I have been teaching people how to do since 2020.

Tools and Resources I use:

Gumroad Shop for Keywords and Interiors:
Creative Fabrica:
Publisher Rocket:
Helium 10 (50% off and 10% off Deals):
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00:00 Introduction
01:15 FREE KDP Interior Templates
01:50 Bleed Settings
02:32 Affinity Designer
03:36 Open KDP Templates
04:39 Create Outlined Letters
06:39 Image Sources
09:06 Color to Black and White Conversion
13:50 Creating KDP Interior pdf File
14:17 KDP Interior Canva

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44 thoughts on “Create a KDP Cut and Paste Int…

  1. Thank you so much Paul for your incredible videos. Just wondering how to download images on Creative Fabrica because whenever I click the download button, they save as .zip and hence not opening on affinity😢

  2. Hi Paul, been following your Videos lately and I have learnt a lot. I do have a question though. If I don't want to use Affinity designer, can I use Canva?. Is there a limit to using Canva for this type of book ?

  3. Hey Paul I love your videos! you inspired me to get started and I’ve already sold a couple of books! Ii have a question though regarding creative fabrica, do they images you use have to say "Full POD usage”? or is commercial use ok?

  4. Paul: Thanks for all your info. I do have a problem downloading your free templetes, however. I clicked on the 'I want these' button many times now and cannot find them in my computer search of .png. Can you help me? I have windows7. I know it is old, but it still works great.

  5. Hello Paul i really appreciate this video and your effort. Is been very helpful.
    Please can you repeat this video use inkscape instead of Affinity designer? I am finding it difficult understanding how inkscape works.

    Thank you so much.

  6. Thank you Paul. You are a good and selfless teacher. You give out everything you know without holding back. God bless you my mentor on KDP business Niche.
    I'm just starting on this and you give me everything I need.

  7. Hi PAUL. Firstly many thanks for your videos! I have a question for persons doing this outside the US but does not reside in a country that has a bank that accept electronic payments, how do you collect payment?

  8. Hi Paul, I want to thank you very much for the content, it is Super! Also is there a video where you explain how to set up a template for margins, I am using Power Point at the moment. I have Adobe Indesign, however, I found when I convert to PDF there can be glitches. I have 11 books up so far, but I am worried, that they are not properly configured to left/right sides? I will be ordering some to check for sure. Have you a video in which you cover this? Or do you have templates for margin setting I can buy. Thank you in advance

  9. Hello Paul, thanks for another great, hands-on video! How do i get the option to insert letters? (4:22). Under The line that says layers etc, I have opacity & under that, still saying 'Match the letters right'

  10. Hello Paul and thank you for the content! I also have a question for you 🙂 If I can create my own original interiors, it is recommended to do it so, or you consider that I can save more time by using free content websites? Do you consider that amazon makes a difference between public domain books and the copyrighted ones?

  11. This is FUN! I am enjoying learning how to use AI at the same time. I have a question regarding build a picture. Are you adding clip art to the boxes at the bottom, ie. shells, coconuts, etc.? Or are you cutting images from the basic tropical picture and then kids place them where they want them? Thanks!

  12. Hi Paul,

    Your videos are providing a solid education on KDP. I asked the questions below after viewing, 5 Ways to Get More KDP Books Sales, but I noticed that there are no replies there since 5 months ago. So, I’m submitting the questions again following your most recent video (Create a KDP Cut and Paste Interior With FREE Templates FAST). With so many fantastic videos, I know it must be difficult to keep up with all the questions and feedback from much earlier videos.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Earlier comment:

    Hi Paul! I'm getting a ton of valuable information from your videos. My question is about Jade Summer. If you go to the Jade Summer author page/About Jade Summer, it says: Jade Summer is a brand owned by Fritzen Publishing LLC. If you go to individual Jade Summer coloring books, the product details says: Publisher: Independently Published. How are they doing this?

    Also, I was thinking that the Fritzen Publishing Brand method, might be a good way to establish various niche books under one umbrella. Can this idea work as an independent? I have been doing freelance writing and public relations as a consultant (as an individual) for years under Montgomery Media Enterprises. I opened my KDP account with that as the business name. Could I then use one pen name for say home schooling books and another pen name for adult coloring books and then put them under the umbrella of Montgomery Media Enterprises? – but where? As the publisher? Use independent publisher and use Montgomery Media Enterprises in About Author?

    Thanks in advance for your insights.

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