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In under 30 minutes, you will know how to create a magazine website for free on any WordPress Theme, and I will be showing you how to do it from scratch step-by-step. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to create magazine website.

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📽 More Helpful Videos:
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42 thoughts on “Create a Magazine Website For …

  1. Hi Jack Please do the video tutorial you suggested about using the Pro version of PostX for doing more advanced stuff. Would be great thanks!

  2. This is a great video. For beginners, this gives you a proper overview of how things works in WordPress in just half n hour..!! Really appreciate the efforts.

  3. Good video bro. Can you tweak the single post page with the free version.. So that the right sidebar can be used for advertising?

  4. Err, So this is simply in Gutenberg blocks? If so wow. And…. I thought you had to have another theme such as astra + Gutenberg+ postx?
    I'm defo doing try this today. 👍😸

  5. Thanks a lot bro for the video. It's very great! But I am not getting related topics suggestions when I open a post. Can u help me

  6. OK. You kept your promise. Well done. You really display a thorough knowledge of WP. I'm subscribing. Thanks!!!

  7. hey man great video! but it seems like we have to upgrade and pay in order to download blocksy and be able to use the same tools you use. my version looks basic af compared to yours

  8. Just curious, why did you use Blocksy instead of the free version of kadence? I'd imagine both offer similar features.
    Awesome content by the way, I've watched most of your Kadence videos and they're so helpful!

  9. I like your videos …. I never got a reply from you, I sent you an email a month ago. But that is ok. No problem. What do you think about Oxy elements for Mag layout. They just rolled it out.

  10. The Best Video Ever! I was waiting for this kind of video! I sent an en email on you! I hope you can check it. Thank you!

  11. I created a magazine-like website using postx, after I watched your kadence pro magazine tutorial bcoz of budget. I really like postx it's really good to use with some restrictions for customization. But customization options postx gives for the free version is good. Now u did a tutorial on postx I like it.

  12. I was using the PostX Plugin to customize the homepage of all my affiliate sites and it actually helped to increase pageviews per session significantly. It's a great plugin even with the free version…

  13. Woah! The PostX plugin looks amazing. I’m definitely going to check that out! Another great video, Jack! I’m behind a couple of your videos. I’ll catch up soon!

  14. Thanks mate, it's long time I was waiting for this kind of tutorial, I already knew this plugin, I'm more than happy to buy the pro, but for news paper professional looking website (like some dedicated Themes), we need to have control of all other necessary pages including single post, category, author, and … pages.
    I appreciate if you make a similar video, but using elementor pro, as with that plugin we can build all necessary pages easily without worrying about anything, and also I think we can make more professional looking website.
    I know many users concern about performance, but there are a lot of ways to solve that issue, instead the creation with such plugin is ENDLESS. And also it worth mentioning, it's performance impproved significantly recently.

  15. Jack my man, you know im a fan of yours. I beliefe your channel has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of followers because your content is great, very easy to consume and your a nice guy.
    But after watching a lot your videos i feel i need to give you some constructive feedback that will help you save you and us time.

    1. we dont need to see how you activate a plugin. show us the name, maybe a picture of it. done.
    2. we dont have to see you refresh the sites 15 times in a video. just show us the before/after.
    3. many steps like how to change a color etc are just bloating the video. if you say "just change the color to whatever you like" and show us the result, its enough. We also dont need to see you write a Headline.
    Just show it to us in quick steps. 1 -2 -3 done.
    You can reduce the video to 15 minutes without us missing a bit and save yourself a lot of work.
    New viewers in general are more likely to click a shorter video. Its less commitment to try something new.
    All the best Jack!

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