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5 thoughts on “Create a Website as a Service Business u…

  1. i'm setting up a directory site with options to offer websites as a service for premium subscriptions. would you think this could be bulky to offer together or any quick thoughts on backend model ideas to get something like this to work if any. i'm quite interested in using wp ultimo. thanks for the review. will you be doing more content around this?

  2. Wow. When I found this (and your other videos about Ultimo) I was like a kid on Xmas day, all over again 😁 Thank you so, so, SO much.
    I’ve been using Ultimo for about 2 years now. But haven’t made the leap of faith required to upgrade to V2.x from V1.x

    So it’s great to see you demonstrating what all the V2.x screens look like.

    Liked and subscribed. Please keep the videos coming.

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