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36 thoughts on “Create An Elementor WordPress Website – Elementor

  1. Hi please can someone help me out. I’m trying to use Elementor and when I create an new box like you are doing at 18 minutes. I drag a widget from the toolbar on the left into the box and nothing happens? Has anyone experienced this before?

  2. I was following along one of the youtube wp tutorial. I bought domain name and host and published a random website.

    Now how can I delete that elementor theme and template and start all over again? In appearance themes I deleted the kits but it didn't work.
    Please help.🙏

  3. For people that think that these CMS sites like wordpress will make coding obsolete , you need those languages you learn to make more advanced editing and extending functionality of wordpress sites and also some types of websites you really cant make them with wordpress or it just not a good idea so learning to code will never be a bad idea.

  4. Why does everyone want to give up learning after watching this video? if you want to become a web dev then learn the skills. No one is going to hire someone who only knows how to drag and drop. There is a limit as to how many things you can do with drag and drop

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